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Phoenix Games
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Phoenix Games is a now-defunct European company. Founded in 2003 by Will Horden and Paul and Steve Share, Phoenix Games aimed to be a "Super Budget Publisher" that released a deluge of low-effort titles for the PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows and the Wii, presumably in an attempt to get as much of a return on tiny investments as possible. They claim to have distributed to less "mainstream game" outlets like convenience stores and newsagents to increase exposure on their releases. They had a UK subsidiary based in Leicester.

Releases[edit | edit source]

The company's titles took only around 3-5 months to develop. They are best known for their infamous games featuring an animated feature (most of them were made by German animation studio Dingo Pictures), and a variety of mini-games, targeted to very young audiences. Also, such games are known for being re-released for other consoles, as sequels.