Pink Sweets – Ibara Sorekara

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Pink Sweets – Ibara Sorekara
Basic Information
Video Game
[[AMI (arcade)
]][[Category:AMI (arcade)
Vertical scrolling shooter
Vertical orientation
8-way joystick
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Pink Sweets ~Ibara sorekara~ (ピンクスウィーツ ~鋳薔薇それから~?) is a manic shooter by Cave, with heavy Raizing influences. It was released in Japanese arcades during the second Quarter of 2006. Pink Sweets is the sequel to Ibara, and features the stage 1-5 bosses from Ibara as playable characters. Pink Sweets has been announced for release on Xbox 360 in a bundle pack with Muchi-Muchi Pork. Neither game will receive hi-def upgrades.

Enemies besides bosses are named after food.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Meidi Rose
  • Midi Rose
  • Kasumi Rose
  • Shasta Rose
  • Lace Rose
  • Caramel Pink
  • Maple Pink
  • Socie Soar
  • Harmony Humming
  • Uni Ulysses
  • Freesia Freedom
  • Super Nova
  • Big Burn

Hidden elements[edit | edit source]

  • HARDER: Hold up when inserting credit. When enemy is destroyed, it turns into bullets. However, hit zones for player and enemy bullet are smaller.
  • EXTENDED: Hold down when inserting credit. The game enters 2nd loop after completing 1st loop, which increases difficulty.
  • SCORE ATTACK: Hold A and B buttons when inserting credit. The game starts with normal mode with 6 stages, but with 5 minute time limit. 1 minute is added for obtaining every 1 million points. There is no life limit in this mode.
  • Exit game: When playing, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, start to quit current game.

Rose Sisters PinkSweets Gaiden[edit | edit source]

It is a growth sim versus shooter for mobile phone game platforms. Supported services include i-mode, EZweb, Yahoo Mobile.

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