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Piranha Bytes (Pluto 13 GmbH)
Basic Information
Company Type
GmbH (Private)
[[Gothic series]] and Risen series
Interactive entertainment
Key People
Michael Rüve, managing director
Michael Hoge, project director
Björn Pankratz, project director

Piranha Bytes is a German computer game developer known for their Gothic computer role-playing game series. Formerly the name of a now defunct company, the registered trademark and label "Piranha Bytes" was transferred during a management buyout. The company's legal name is now Pluto 13 GmbH.

After disagreements, Piranha Bytes split from JoWood Productions in 2007, their publisher at that time. Due to a contract between the two companies, JoWooD retained some rights to the Gothic name and to current and future games released under this trademark. The specifics of this contract remain confidential.[1]

Until these events, the titles in the Gothic series were the only games Piranha Bytes had produced. They have since released a new game named Risen[2] for which a sequel was announced in August 2010.[3]

Games[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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  3. Announce of Deep Silver at a press conference at the Gamescom (18.08.2010)

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