Plagioclase Mining Crystal I

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Plagioclase Mining Crystal I
Basic Information
Item Category
Ammunition & Charges
Ammo/Charge Type
Mining Crystal
Clone State Req.
EVE Online-Omega Clone.png
Asteroid Specialization Group
Asteroid Specialization Yield Modifier
1.625 x
EVE Online-Capacitor.pngCapacitor Need Bonus
-5 %
Charge Size
Crystals Take Damage
1 kg
EVE Online-Volume.pngStructure Hitpoints
1 HP
Tech Level
Level 1
Unfitting Capacitor Cost
25 GJ
Used with (Launcher Group)
Frequency Mining Laser
10 %
Volatility Damage
0.025 HP
EVE Online-Volume.pngVolume
6 m³
Skill Requirements
EVE Online-Skillbook.png Mining I
EVE Online-Skillbook.png Plagioclase Processing III
  EVE Online-Skillbook.png Reprocessing IV
   EVE Online-Skillbook.png Industry I
  EVE Online-Skillbook.png Science III
Tech I Variants
Plagioclase Mining Crystal I
Tech II Variants
Plagioclase Mining Crystal II
Used With (Tech II)
Modulated Deep Core Miner II
Modulated Deep Core Strip Miner II
Modulated Strip Miner II

A custom-cut frequency crystal whose refractive qualities are specifically suited to boosting Plagioclase yield. Due to their molecular make-up and the strength of the modulated miner's beam, these crystals will deteriorate through extended use. Can be loaded into modulated mining lasers only.