Pokémon Platinum Version/Walkthrough

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Pokémon Platinum Version

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First after watching the television special "Ask Professor Rowan" (Jubilife TV broadcasts this program nationwide. On your journey, you'll even get to visit Jubilife TV) Your friend/rival will burst into your room giddy with excitement. Professor Rowan has invited both of you to his lab to choose a Pokémon! After chatting your rival he will head back home to get ready fro his trip. Next, go down the stairs your mom will talk to you then go outside and head to your friend's house, walk up to the door of the house and your rival will dash out, turn back for something he forgot. o inside then up the stairs then talk to him then go down the stairs and go out now and head for Route 201 which is north of Twinleaf Town, where young leaves flutter on the breeze! It's a short walk to where you rival waits, he is wondering what took you so long to find him your rival is about to run into a patch of tall grass but is stopped by Professor Rowan who shows up on the scene saying some stuff and asking you if you love Pokémon. Say yes (or no, if you want to mess things up) and then, eventually, Rowan will be persuaded to let you have a Pokémon. Dawn or Lucas will come in with a briefcase and they will let you choose a Pokémon. If you're looking for a starter Pokémon of a particular gender or nature, you can save your game after Dawn or Lucas brings out the briefcase. It's recommended that you save your game after you've taken a step towards the briefcase so that way if you don't like the Pokémon you chose or you don't like its stats, you can reset without having to go through all of that dialog.Then your friend and you will battle then after the battle you will automatically go home to tell your mother what happened on Route 201. If you've already received your Pokémon from Rowan, Mother tells you to thank him. After you do that she'll give you the running shoes. These stylish kicks let you dash when you press the B button your mom will heal your Pokémon. Then you go out side to Route 201, your friend will be there again. The two of you might hang out at Lake Verity often, but your rival says there's also a legendary Pokémon hidden there! The two of you decide to catch it for Professor Rowan, so head left along Route 201 to get to Lake Verity. You and your Rival arrive at Lake Verity to look for the legendary Pokémon, but what you find is a mysterious man named Cyrus talking to himself. It's unclear what he's muttering about, and he won't bother to tell you - instead he pushes you and your rival aside and leaves. After Cyrus leaves, you finally hear what you think is the cry of the Legendary Pokémon from the bottom of the lake. But you don't have any Poke Balls so you can't catch it right now. You and your rival decide to head to Sandgem Town to thank Professor Rowan for the Pokémon he gave you - well, that and to ask him for some Poke Balls so you can catch more Pokémon. Your Rival just can't wait on the latter, so he takes off ahead of you. after that you can go to the grass then go to the professor's lab then he'll give you pokedex the Lucas or Dawn will tour you around the go home then talk to your mom then go back there the go to route ??? then you'll see dawn or marcus she or he will teach you how to catch a Pokémon then she or he will give you 5 pokeballs then you go strait to jublife city then you'll see her or he again then you'll see looker then he'll gave you vs. recorder then you go the Pokémon trainer school then you'll see your friend then talk to him then he'll give you town map the you'll see a man he will give you pokeketch that's all for now