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The PolyGame Master is an arcade system board released in 1997 by the Taiwanese company IGS. The PGM was developed in order to compete with the likes of SNK's Neo Geo MVS system in Taiwan. It was succeeded by PGM2 in 2007.

Certain later games, released by CAVE, came on a single dedicated board and utilizes the customized BIOS programmed by CAVE.

System specifications[edit | edit source]

  • Main processor: Motorola 68000, running at 20 MHz
  • Sound processor: Zilog Z80, running at 8.468 MHz
  • Sound chip: ICS2115; 32 channel PCM
  • Protection chip: ARM7 ASIC with internal code, running at 20 MHz
  • Hardware features: 1 scrolling 8x8 tiles 4bpp scrolling tilemap, 32x32 tiles 5bpp scrolling tilemap with linescroll, arbitrary size 5bpp sprites, zoom and shrink capabilities

List of PGM games[edit | edit source]

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