Port Llast (NWN)

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Port Llast
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Neverwinter Nights

This village of 700 is found on the High Road between Luskan and Neverwinter, and sides with the latter in the feud between the two cities. Fifty men-at-arms from the City of Skilled Hands, bolstered by 30 of the Lords' Alliance troops, aid the local militia in guarding the town from brigand raids and the harassment of Luskan. The Lords' Alliance troops are mainly from Elturel and Balduar's Gate, so that a Luskan attack would risk war with two economically powerful cities.

Port Llast is a city of skilled stonecutters and has a fine harbour. The stonecutters work at quarries on the coastal headlands just south of the village. Other than harborage and stonecutting, there is little else to recommend it to the traveler today, for it is a tense, suspicious place, always expecting treachery or attack from Luskan. Today Port Llast is ruled by the soldier Kendrack, who recently replaced Naeromos Dothwintyl as First Captain. Haeromos was killed during the battle to protect Port Llast from a Sahuagin invasion.

In the distant past, when Luskan was held by orcs and duergar, Port Llast was a thriving city. It was the last port in human hands as one sailed north (hence the name). In those days, it was home to 14,000 miners and explorers eager to find gold, gems, and all the rest of the fabled mineral wealth of the North. The city was eventually smashed by orc raids, and the shattered remnants of the old walls still ring it, though much stone has been used to repair local home or has been taken away and sold. Port Llast's outer reaches are overgrown by scrub forest or are used as gardens or graveyards.