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Chamber 13[edit | edit source]

Advanced chamber[edit | edit source]

In the advanced chamber, there's only one box, and the floor is replaced by goo. Also, if you drop the box into the goo, you've failed the test.

To solve, shoot a portal at the white tile marked with one dot (through floot grating) and pass through another created portal. Get the pellet to the receiver as you normally would, and land on the box as the lift passes.

Get the box onto one of the two buttons, and stand on the second one. Get a portal on the other side of the door, and exit the map.

Portal Challenge[edit | edit source]

A 4-portal solution:

  1. Blue: First section, upper floor.
  2. Gold: First section lower floor.
  3. Blue: Second section, on wall next to upper red button. Carry cube through, and jump onto lower button. From here, throw the cube onto the lower button.
  4. Gold: Second section, through exit door.

Awards given at 9, 5, and 4 portals.

Step Challenge[edit | edit source]

An awards given at 30 steps.

Time Challenge[edit | edit source]

A 24 second route involves using only the initial box to complete. Place it on the first button.

Awards given at 0:40, 0:30 and 0:19.

Chamber 14[edit | edit source]

Advanced chamber[edit | edit source]

You can't ninja to the exit. To reach the cube, you need to shoot a portal down the staircase and one next to the box section. Jump down, and you should land on the box. Place it on the button.

To reach the pellet, you need to portal across the water area. Place a blue portal on the scorch mark, and a gold portal back on the other side. Walk back to the main area, and place a gold portal above the pellet receiver. The exit is now open.

Portal Challenge[edit | edit source]

Two portals:

  1. Blue: In front of the lift.
  2. Gold: At the top of the staircase, fire a portal the floor once the stairs lower. Jump in, and control your flight to land on the raised lift.

Awards at 6, 4, and 2.

Step Challenge[edit | edit source]

An 11 step solution places two portals at the entrance, above each other. Jump through the bottom, and try moving the second portal just in front of the lift.

Awards at 55, 20, 10.

Time Challenge[edit | edit source]

Staircasing gets you within 20 seconds, but going for least steps is possible within 10.

Awards at 50, 20, 10.

Chamber 15[edit | edit source]

Advanced Chamber[edit | edit source]

  • Room 1 requires using terminal velocity to accelerate yourself before flinging.
  • Room 2 has an additional forcefield, requiring a 6-portal combination.
  • Room 3 requires you to start the fling from the checkerboard, continued from a wall of the side room, and finishing by placing the portal on the floor. You may still miss the jump, however.
  • Room 4 has only the floors in the siderooms usable. Also, you can't try jumping to the exit.

Portal Challenge[edit | edit source]

A 17 portal solution involves:

  • 2 portals in the fling at Room 1.
  • 4 portals to move the pellet into the receiver in Room 2.
  • 3 portals for the double fling in Room 3, part 1.
  • 4 portals to traverse the corridor after Room 3, wihtout bothering getting the pellet into the receiver.
  • 4 portals in room 4: 2 for going between the two rooms, and 2 for getting the pellet into the receiver.

Awards at 23, 19 and 14 portals.

Step Challenge[edit | edit source]

Awards at 75...

Time Challenge[edit | edit source]

Awards at 105 seconds...

Chamber 16[edit | edit source]

Portal Challenge[edit | edit source]

2 portal solution:

  • At the start of the map, use a turret as a shield.
  • After the first three turrets, use companion cubes as shields.
  • Build a fence with the cubes in the button room to disable the turrets.
  1. Gold in button room.
  2. Blue in the exit area, at an angle that bypasses the intermediate fenced area.

Awards at 9, 4, and 2

Step Challenge[edit | edit source]

Awards at 70...

Time Challenge[edit | edit source]

Times include the 20-second "cutscene" at the beginning of the map.

Awards at 1:10, 1:00 and 0:52.

Chamber 17[edit | edit source]

Advanced Chamber[edit | edit source]

The weighted companion ball will assist you throughout the test. Since it is a ball, it is more difficult to precisely deflect pellets.

  • The first catcher isn't much different, since you still poolshark the pellet off the angled wall. (The glass barrier isn't much of an obstruction.)
  • The second catcher has both buttons raised a bit higher. You need to knock down and stand on a camera to hold both buttons down.
  • The side catcher requires you to bounce the pellet above a glass barrier.

Portal Challenge[edit | edit source]

Place one portal at the end of the first corridor, and the other portal to aim the associated pellet to the receiver with the double door.

Use the cube to bounce the pellet in the side room into its receiver.

Then, go through the portal, and get the other pellet into the last receiver. This should require two portals, however, it may be possible with just one more.

There is no further need for portals once you reach the exit, unless you miss a jump.

Awards are given at 4, 3, and 2 portals.

Step Challenge[edit | edit source]

Awards at 215...

Time Challenge[edit | edit source]

Awards at 2:20, 1:45...