Poseidon: Master of Atlantis

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Master of Atlantis - Poseidon
Master of Atlantis - Poseidon Coverart.png
Developer(s) Impressions Games
Publisher(s) Sierra Entertainment
status Status Missing
Release date June 25, 2001 (NA)
August 24, 2001 (PAL)
Genre City-building game
Mode(s) Single player only
Age rating(s)
Platform(s) PC-Win 95/98
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 1 CD
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Master of Atlantis - Poseidon (also known as Zeus Official Expansion: Poseidon) is a historical city building game expansion pack set in ancient Greece. It is the expansion pack to Master of Olympus - Zeus. Its most visible addition was the new Atlantean theme, however the overall setup was kept the same the major changes being that instead of having Culture buildings like theaters, the Atlanteans have science buildings like observatories, and libraries. The Game also introduced two new gods to the game available to both the Greeks and Atlanteans, Hera-whose Sanctuary was accompanied by Orange Trees, and Atlas who could help speed up the construction of sanctuaries or with the Atlantean's Pyramids.

Basic Game Play[edit | edit source]

Poseidon and Zeus are both city builder scenario games, the game play is simplistic, but addictive. The player starts off by creating a road with homes, then focusing on the basic needs: food, water, and maintenance for buildings. As the player advances into the game they require more resources and different buildings to enhance the homes and increase the population. Players create their own economy and trade with other cities, creating alliances and defeating enemies are common goals.

Difficulties[edit | edit source]

Unlike most games having two to three difficulties both Zeus and Poseidon have an amazing five levels. Starting with Beginner, Mortal, Hero, Titan, and Olympian. Each level of difficulty lessens the Drachmas and increases the chances of God or enemy invasion.

Resources and the World Economy[edit | edit source]

While players are given Drachmas to start out each scenario, imports and basic expenses cause the need for export. Players can harvest, mine, or grow resources and sell them to other cities for Drachmas. Common resources exported early in game are excess food goods, although marble, lumber, or bronze are common additions. Players trade, raid, and conquer other cities in order to acquire different resources or because once conquered cities pay the player tribute.

Monsters, Missions and Heroes[edit | edit source]

Poseidon employs several key aspects that will affect the player's city and the outcome of the game. The game is based upon different scenarios, each with two or more different episodes. Within each of these episodes, there is the possibility that somewhere on the map a monster will be released. Any structures or people within the area will be destroyed by said monster. The player in order to get rid of the monster must build a Hero's Hall and summon the Hero, each Hero has different demands before he can be summoned. Once summoned the Hero will destroy the monster and the city is saved. In addition, Hero's Halls can also be used to again summon Heroes to do a mission given to the player by the Gods.

Gods and Sanctuaries[edit | edit source]

Based upon the scenario and the difficulty Gods will appear on the players map; sometimes friendly and sometimes angry, destroying the player's city. A player then builds a sanctuary to a God will have that God roam the city defending it from rival Gods and enemy armies. Sanctuaries also have the aspect of allowing the player to occasionally pray to the Gods for a benefit. Ares for one will go with the player's home soldiers next time the player attacks an enemy, other Gods will give food or provide resources around their sanctuary.

Player Made Maps[edit | edit source]

In addition to the maps that come with the game Poseidon Adventure Editor allows the player to create a scenario of their own. http://zeus.heavengames.com/ has become a common site for uploading and downloading player made maps.

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