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The Power Player Super Joy III and its siblings were modeled after the Nintendo 64 controller.

The Power Player Super Joy III consoles (also known as Power Games and XA-76-1E) are a line of unauthorized handheld Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom clones manufactured by NRTRADE that are sold in North America, Brazil, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The system resembles a Nintendo 64 controller and a Sega Genesis controller, along with a light gun and attaches to a TV set. NTSC, PAL and SÉCAM versions are available. They all use a custom "NES-on-a-chip" (NOAC) that is an implementation of the NES's hardware (Custom 6502, PPU, PAPU, etc.).

Background[edit | edit source]

The consoles came with 76 built-in games, although marketing frequently claims to have 1,000+ ways of playing them. Most of the included games were originally released for the NES or Famicom, but some have been created by the manufacturer to expand their list of included games. Most of the games have had their title screen graphics removed to save space on the ROM chip, not to mention a company logo removal trick for reduced liability.

After this product gained some popularity, the Power Player 3.5, an improved model with more games, was released. A wireless version of Power Games was also released.

List of built-in games[edit | edit source]


  • On version 3.0 of PPSJ, all these items duplicated themselves circa 1,000 times; hence the claim to have 76,000 games built in. Version 3.5 has a more honest description and uses the titles once.
  • More games can be played if a Famicom cartridge is inserted or an NES cartridge with an import adapter is used.
  • Many of the game titles in the system menu are abbreviated, misspelled, use alternate names for the game, or are simply wrong (e.g. Burgertime and Tekken). In this list, an effort has been made to use the proper name for the games, with the PPSJ menu name in parentheses for known differences.
  • This game incorporates menu selection sounds from the game Action 52.
  • When the system starts up, the words "Fun Time" appear flashing on the screen (this may not show up on LCD TVs because the system gives off a weak TV signal and then improves later during gameplay).
  • In the games list, there is a message at the top that says "Fun Time 7600 in 1".

Built-in games include:

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