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The priest class is typically a holy worshipper of a god, believing that if they can summon their god's spirit, they can heal using his/her power. Priests usually are seen healing injured allies, or in the local cathedral praying. In RPGs, priests tend to be a weak class in terms of taking damage, but they excel in protecting allies from damage and healing them.

In World of Warcraft[edit | edit source]

Priests are available to every race but Orcs. Priests can heal, deal light/shadow damage, and buff/shield allies. At level 10, Priests can choose from 3 different talent trees. Discipline, Holy, Shadow. Discipline Priests use holy spells to chastise enemies, as well as use these spells to heal allies. Holy priests focus on holy spells to heal/buff allies. Shadow priests focus on using Shadow spells to take down enemies quickly.

Notable Priests/Priestess[edit | edit source]

In EverQuest II[edit | edit source]

The Priest category is broken up into 3 smaller categories:

Druids[edit | edit source]

  • Fury
  • Warden

Shamans[edit | edit source]

Clerics[edit | edit source]

In Forsaken World[edit | edit source]

Priest is a playable class for Humans and Elves only.