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Psychic Force 2012

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Psychic Force 2012
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Taito Corporation]][[Category:Taito Corporation]]
[[Taito Corporation (JP/EU)Acclaim Entertainment (NA)
JVC Digital Studios (PS1) (EU)
]][[Category:Taito Corporation (JP/EU)Acclaim Entertainment (NA)
JVC Digital Studios (PS1) (EU)
Fighting, Cyberpunk
Arcade, Dreamcast, PlayStation and PlayStation Network
ESRB: Teen (T)
Main Credits
Hideki Takahagi
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Psychic Force 2012 (サイキックフォース2012, Saikikku Fōsu 2012?) is the sequel to Taito Corporation's 1997 fighting arcade game, Psychic Force. It was then ported to Dreamcast and was one of Sega's first games to be released onto the console in 1999. The game was released on October 31, 1999 in North America through now-defunct distributor Acclaim.

It was also adapted for PlayStation as Psychic Force 2 (サイキックフォース2, Saikikku Fōsu Tsū?) featuring downgraded graphics but with multiple extra modes (such as Psy-expand mode), an animated FMV "intro" and three more characters from Psychic Force that didn't make the cut into the Dreamcast version.

Story[edit | edit source]

In 2012, Keith Evans resurrects "Neo Noa" and embarks on a journey towards a peaceful world for united Psychics. Richard Wong creates his own Army of Psychics to destroy Neo Noa and humans alike. There is also a "Third Force" of Psychics who seek their friends and family, and hunt down members of Neo Noa and Army to find the truth.[1]

Characters[edit | edit source]

New[edit | edit source]

Psychic Force 2012 introduced characters new to the series. Some have similarity in fighting styles from some of the previous cast but, with a twist.[1]

Name Age Gender Element Group Hair Eye color
Might 16 Male Lightning None Red Blue
Patricia "Patty" Myers 15 Female Tone None Blue Green
Carlo Belfron 24 Male Water Neo Noa Purple Blue
Regina Belfron 22 Female Fire Neo Noa Pink Grayish-Blue
Gudeath 33 Male Gravity Army Brown Black
Genshin Kenjoh 82 Male Magic None White Black
Setsuna 27 Male Darkness Army Yellow Purple

Returning[edit | edit source]

Original[edit | edit source]

Original cast from Psychic Force with the exception of the Psychic Force 2 exclusive characters who are also members of the original cast.

Name Age Gender Element Group Hair Eye color
Wendy Ryan 17 (15 in Psychic Force) Female Wind None Pink Blue
Emilio Michaelov 16 (14 in Psychic Force) Male Light Army Green (Blue in Psychic Force) Purple
Burn Griffiths 20 (18 in Psychic Force) Male Fire None Blond (Part of it dyed red) Brown
Richard Wong 36 (34 in Psychic Force) Male Time Army Black Unknown
Gates Oltsman 39 (37 in Psychic Force) Male Cyborg Neo Noa None Unknown
Keith Evans 19 (17 in Psychic Force) Male Ice Neo Noa Silver Blue

Psychic Force 2 exclusive[edit | edit source]

Three characters were added to the PlayStation port of Psychic Force 2012, known as Psychic Force 2. They are characters from the original Psychic Force who never made it to the Dreamcast version.

Name Age Gender Element Group Hair Eye color
Rokudo Genma 53 (ought to be 55) Male Magic None Black Brown
Brad Kilsten 24 (Ought to be 26) Male Gravity Neo Noa Silver Red (He wears eye contacts)
Sonia (Chris Ryan) 17 (Ought to be 19) Female Electricity Neo Noa Blue Blue

References[edit | edit source]

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