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Putty Squad
Putty Squad title screen.
Basic Information
Video Game
[[System 3 Software]][[Category:System 3 Software]]
[[Ocean Software]][[Category:Ocean Software]]
[[Putty (series)|Putty]][[Category:Putty (series)]]
Adventure game, Strategy
SNES, Amiga 1200, Mega Drive and MS-DOS
Main Credits
Phil Thornton
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Putty Squad is a 1994 video game for the SNES, developed by System 3 and published by Ocean Software.[1] It was also developed for the Amiga 1200, Mega Drive and MS-DOS but these ports were ultimately unpublished.[2][3][4] It is the sequel to Putty (1992).

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Putty Squad is a platform game in which the player controls an amorphous blue blob, tasked with rescuing imprisoned putties. The player's putty can stretch in a variety of ways: sidewards to cover ground faster, squash flat to absorb pick-up items, stretch upwards to climb, morph a fist to attack, or inflate to float upwards.

Putty can collect stars that increase his attack power: at first increasing the potency of his punch, but later allowing him to blow darts, electrocute enemies or throw bombs. This star power is reduced every time Putty is hit by an enemy.

Critical reception[edit | edit source]

The Amiga and MS-DOS versions of Putty Squad, although left unpublished, were developed to the point of demo versions being issued to magazines for release on cover disks. Amiga magazines were also sent full review copies of Putty Squad, for which it received critical success. Amiga Format awarded a "Format Gold".[5] Amiga Power awarded 91%, highlighting the varied level shapes, masterful animation, influence from the Mario video games (using a stunned enemy as a projectile weapon, secret doors, items hidden in blocks) and consistent game logic. Several instant-death situations were criticised: the bottom of the level is often difficult to distinguish, and falling through it kills Putty. Several enemies can also instantly kill Putty.[6] CU Amiga awarded 94%, highlighting the fluid control and movement of Putty, balanced learning curve, presentation, and good use of the Amiga's AGA palette.[7]

This critical success, but lack of a published version, has made Putty Squad one of the most sought-after Amiga titles.[2]

Remake[edit | edit source]

On August 12, 2010 System 3 announced that a version of the game will be available in late 2010 on PS3, iPhone, iPad and PSP.[8]

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References[edit | edit source]

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