Puzzle Bobble 2

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Puzzle Bobble 2
Basic Information
Video Game
Taito, Probe Entertainment
Taito, Acclaim Entertainment
[[Raster, standard resolution]]
Joystick (2-way); 1 button
Arcade, PlayStation, Saturn, Nintendo 64, Microsoft Windows, Game Boy, macOS and Neo-Geo
PlayStation Network
Retail Features
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
PlayStation Network
September 92008
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Bust-A-Move 2 is the first sequel to "Bust-A-Move", and is also known as Puzzle Bobble 2 outside Europe and North America. Released into the arcades in 1995, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64 and PC conversions followed. The game was included in Taito Legends 2, but the US arcade version was included on US PS2 version instead. The game is a spin-off from Bubble Bobble.

The game builds on the original by adding a tournament style variation on the two player game for play against the computer and by adding a branching map to the one player game, allowing the player to periodically select one of two groups of five levels to play next, leading to different game endings. Some of the contestants in the new tournament mode are based on characters from Bubble Bobble, including variations on a Monsta and a Mighta.

Some versions of the game, including the PlayStation, feature time trial competitions in which a single player attempts to finish simple rounds quickly enough to beat previous time records or two players simultaneously attempt to beat the records and each other.

Completion of the single player game gives the player a code which can be entered to unlock 'Another World' for the single player game, which features subtle changes to the existing levels to increase their difficulty and changes to all backdrops to resemble levels from Bubble Bobble. The various enemies from Bubble Bobble also make an appearance in the background of the credits sequence.

Bust-A-Move 2X[edit | edit source]

Taito later repacked Bust-A-Move 2 with an optional alternative set of levels and some new attract mode animations (including holiday-themed ones) as Bust-A-Move 2X (Also known as Puzzle Bobble 2X).

Ports of Bust-A-Move 2 to the PC and Sega Saturn are of Bust-A-Move 2X and additionally include a level editor/designer. A port of 2X was made to the PlayStation but was not released until some time after a port of Bust-A-Move 2 was released; therefore, it is not so well known.

Cover art[edit | edit source]

This game has become notorious for one version of its cover art. The original US version of the Saturn edition featured a picture of several large balls with screaming, blue, human faces with white sticks forcing their eyes open. This cover earned it a place on Gamespy.com's Top Ten Worst Covers list. [1]