Puzzle Quest

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Puzzle Quest
Basic Information
Video Game
D3 Publisher of America
PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2
Xbox Live Arcade
Puzzle Quest
United Nations International Release Date(s)
PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS
March 202007
Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 2
November 12007
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Bejewelled meets RPG in this unique puzzle game. Choose a character class then embark on a journey through a fantasy world. Meet and fight a range of monsters and enemies as the story unfolds.

Lord Bane is wrecking havoc across the land and using the undead to destroy cities and capture their inhabitants. Have you got what it takes to end his reign of tyranny?

The main element of the game is a Bejewelled style puzzle board. Match 3 or more orbs of the same colour to make them disappear. This builds up your mana levels. Havin mana is essential as it allows you to use spells against your opponent and inflict damage on them. Sulls also appear on the game board and matching 3 or more of these will also result in your opponent's health taking a hit.

The game is huge and offers hundreds of quests and side quests. As you travel the land and meet new people some will help you by gifting you with special abilities or joining your party and providing you with special skills.

After meeting and defeating an opponent 3 times you have the chance to attempt to capture them. This is done by solving a puzzle where you must make all of the colours orbs disappear by matching them to adjacent orbs. Once you've caught an enemy you can learn their spells and then use them in combat yourself.

Multiplayer options are provided in the game too for local network play on both DS and PSP.

The game is on both DS and PSP, and a version is due out on Xbox Live Arcade very soon.


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