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Darkstalkers 3 artwork

Game Series Darkstalkers
First Appearance Darkstalkers 3
Japanese Name: キュービィ (Kyū Bī)
Species: Soul Bee
Height: 172cm (5 foot 7 inches)
Weight: 38.2 kg (84 lbs)

Q-Bee (キュービィ Kyū Bī) is a character first introduced in Capcom's Darkstalkers 3 (Vampire Savior in Japan). She is voiced by Miyuki Matsushita (who also voices Baby Bonnie Hood) in the series has made an appearance as an enemy in Namco's Namco x Capcom as well as Project x Zone where she is voiced by Arisa Nishiguchi.

In the Darkstalkers story line, Q-Bee is queen of the Soul bee race that reside on the lands of the Dohma family. Although she is named Q-Bee, Q-Bee is the title given to her since she is the queen of the Soul Bee race. Although she appears human, her eyes are on the top of her head, making it appear that she is staring at the ground. In game she has the ability to fly during her Dark Force.

Background[edit | edit source]

In Darkstalkers, the Soul Bee race resided in the lands of the Dohma family but after the death of Jedah their home began to fall into decay and their race was near extinction. Once Jedah had been revived and created his new dimension, Majigen, out of the soul of Ozum, Q-Bee took notice of the sounds transported to this newly created place. In order to feed and satisfy her races hunger, she headed out to collect souls.

Although her ending may not be canon to the series, Q-Bee's race is shown to be doomed by over population, a theme and concern of modern humans.

About Soul Bees[edit | edit source]

Soul Bees in the series have the intelligence of a four or five year old and have an insatiable hunger. They are constantly hungry and without consuming food within 36 hours, they will die. Regular Soul Bee's are referred to as P-Bee's with females out numbering males by 75%. Males in their society exist only for reproduction even though Female P-Bee's can reproduce without the need for a male. Male P-Bee's may face extinction because of this.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Q-bee's attacks utalize her ability to fly. Holding up with her will allow the player to float in hair for a few seconds. Her Dark Force allows her flight for a limited time and she has the ability to Dash in air, during her dash she will home in onto the opponent. A majority of her attacks are also avalaible in air.

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