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Quad-Damage[edit | edit source]

The Quad-Damage is a power up found in the Quake series of Video Games. When activated, it causes the player to inflict more damage on their enemies.

The QUAD Damage as seen in Quake III: Arena

Effects of the Quad-Damage[edit | edit source]

Contrary to what it's name would suggest, when found, the Quad-Damage power-up increases damage inflicted by the player up to three times normal (not four.) This applies to all weapons in use by the player, including those that cause 'splash damage' such as the Rocket Launcher, Grenades, and Plasma Gun. This can lead the player to cause damage to themselves if these weapons are fired in close quarters or the player attempts to perform a rocket jump (see below.)

When picked up, a tell tale "QUAD DAMAGE!" announcement is made. The player is then enshrouded in a blue glow making it apparent to all other players who is carrying the power-up. In addition, each time a weapon is fired by the player there is an additional sound effect which indicates that the shot fired has quad-damage applied.

The effects of the Quad-Damage are available for only 30 seconds and can be combined with other power-ups. When multiple Quad-Damage power-ups are picked up by the player, the damage is multiplied exponentially but the time limit for each successive power-up collected will expire in turn (in other words, the time does not extend exponentially like the damage does.)

Differences in Multi-Player Games[edit | edit source]

In multi-player games, the Quad Damage usually re-spawns every two minutes at the same location. This timer can be altered by the level designer and the server administrator. Alternately, the Quad-Damage can be part of a random power-up re-spawn where the next time a re-spawn occurs a different power up (invisibility, health, etc.) may re-spawn instead.

A player with the Quad-Damage affect

When a player who carries the Quad-Damage is fragged, they drop the Quad-Damage where they were slain. Other players in the match can then pick up the Quad-Damage and use it for the remaining time. If no one picks it back up before the timer expires it will disappear. In bot matches, the bots may also pick up the Quad-Damage.

Quad-Damage and Rocket Jumping[edit | edit source]

Since the Quad-Damage affects the Rocket Launcher and other weapons that cause 'splash damage' it can be quite useful when active during a rocket jump. The player (if they survive) should be propelled a much greater distance when applied effectively. This should only be attempted if the player has sufficient health and/or armor to survive the blase, or the server admin has turned off 'self damage' as is the default in such Quake mods as Capturestrike CTF.

Appearance in Quake Games[edit | edit source]

The Quad-Damage appears in all Quake games.


Quake II

Quake III Arena

Quake IV

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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