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0.1.6[edit | edit source]

Taken from their official Steam blog.

Hey there,

Yet another busy week here, but i've been patiently waiting to get this update out for you. I actually cracked a big problem with the previous build over the weekend causing really poor performance, so most of the improvements in this update are related to optimisation and hopefully making improvements to some of the problems many of you have been facing and trying to fix any big game-breaking bugs.

Thank you for being so wonderful and giving great feedback, please do continue to do so if you find any issues that haven't already been recognised. I renewed the forums earlier in the week with some guidelines on reporting bugs and suggesting new features, detailing how to be the most helpful and hopefully clearing up any confusion between people towards what has and hasn't already been noticed.

Another huge announcement is that I've been working hard on implementing something I'm sure you're all excited about ACHIEVEMENTS! Yay!

Keep in mind, we're in alpha, so they may be a bit unstable and you may end getting them re-set at some point should development call for it but I'll try my best to avoid that.

Right now there are 10 achievements available. Some easier to get than others, see if you can manage to unlock them all! One of the achievements is in regards to the brand new review system that has been implemented, bringing more life to the kingdoms that you discover. In the future I'll be advancing this further, but for now you'll be rated at the end of the year on your performance against the other kingdoms, see how well you can do!

I've also began the process to implementing trading cards, so they'll appear in the next few days.

If you experience any issues after updating be sure to REMOVE LOCAL DATA as this may cause conflicts especially with saving/loading.

V0.1.6 Update Notes

  • Added Steam Achievements
  • Added Steam Stats
  • Added Yearly Comparison Against Rival Kingdoms
  • Added A Building Grid During Build Mode
  • Added Building Ghost During Build Mode
  • Major Build Mode Optimisation
  • Fixed Road Tool Bug
  • Auto Cancellation of Road Tool when Interrupted
  • Adventurers now Stand outside buildings when inspecting instead of on them
  • Adventurers now stand near the entrance when they enter the kingdom instead of wandering for miles.
  • Added Fatigue Draining To Heroes During Quests
  • Fatigue Now Affects Quests
  • Added Progress Bar to Tavern When Recovering Fatigue
  • Added Achievements
  • Fixed a bug causing the game to crash during a new game after game over
  • Progress Bar to show a Hero's progress when Exploring
  • Raised starting population limit to 2 Heroes
  • Fixed Explore Settlement and Quest Unlocking Bug
  • Rescue Quest Added
  • Swamp Quest Added
  • Haunted Quest Added
  • Better Resolution Support
  • (ALT + ENTER) Now Toggles Fullscreen
  • A Quest and Exploring can now be undertaken together
  • (Clearer) Multiple Hero Selection Added
  • Fixed Bug allowing the same Hero to be hired twice
  • Quit Game from In-Game Menu now Autosaves and takes the player back to the Main Menu
  • Improved Saving and Loading
  • Minor UI Adjustments
  • Minor Typo Fixes and Description Changes

0.1.511[edit | edit source]

Taken from their official Steam blog. Hello, I've just rolled out the newest update to the game that I've been working on for most of the week. You'll find that there's been something of an overhaul to the Quest system which you can read more about here - the change was mainly due to wanting to have a more original approach and also setting up the support of using multiple Heroes on a quest which is something I'm working on implementing.

Unfortunately I've had to disable some features and a couple have broken in implementing the new systems and need to be redesigned to better suit it. These will be re-iterated over time.

As with most updates, you may find that if you load the previous save game that you'll experience more bugs and glitches. You'll benefit more from starting a new game and replacing your old save data.

*EDIT* - 0.1.511

  • Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when receiving quest feedback.

Update Notes:

  • Quest System Overhauled - The Quest System has been overhauled to be easier to use and support multiple Heroes
  • Updated Quest Scoring - Quest's now rely much heavier on your Heroes abilities, your choices during quests and combinations.
  • Strategies Added - Quests now require a Strategy to be selected. More strategies will be added as development continues.
  • Support for more than one Hero - If you have a second hero in your kingdom you can now select them in the Quest screen as well. Just click one, and then the other, followed by next and they'll both go!
  • Stats Added - Heroes now have all Stats designated.
  • Rewards Balancing - Rewards from a Quest now include followers and are better supported to your performance in a quest. E.G. Receiving no renown even though you score really well in a quest had been fixed.
  • Custom Quest Name - Quests can now be named! Make silly quest names to your heart's content!
  • Better Levelling - Your heroes level and statistics now affects the quest performance and their stats will increase on levelling up.
  • Basic Difficulty Added - The game's difficulty will increase as time progresses affecting quest scores and outcomes.
  • Idle Heroes Wander The Kingdom - Heroes now wander around the Kingdom while they're idle in the Quarters.
  • New Quest Added - "Repair" Quest has been added.
  • New Decoration Added - Fountain has been added.
  • Endurance Description Updated
  • Beasts Description Updated
  • Some Typos Corrected
  • Minor Bug Fixes
  • Minor UI Changes

0.1.41[edit | edit source]

Taken from their official Steam blog.

Hi all,

Over the weekend I've been working on some minor content fixes and updates for you. Rest assured I'm listening to your feedback and I'm aware of many of the bugs you're facing. Most of the difficulty comes in replicating them to try and chase down what's causing them. Importantly the launch issues should now be next to ironed out with this next update.

Update Notes:

  • Added Valiant Class Type - "Tara the Bold" now registers as the new Valiant class - essentially a female knight, who in the future additions to the quest system, will come with her own variety of skills and techniques to benefit the player. So right now, it's a nice new sprite, but in the future this will allow for some cool functionality.

  • Simple Road Tool - Road tiles can now be placed continuously without having to re-enter the build mode screen. A more advanced road tool will be added in the future.

  • Added AP Reset Button - AP can now be easily re-assigned in the quest screen.

  • Screen Resolution Saving - The game will now remember your screen resolution next time you boot and whether or not the game was windowed.

  • Better Resolution Support - The game should now start windowed for the first time, this should fix any of the continuing launch issues people may be having.

  • Various other bug fixes and optimisation.

Hopefully this should make the game smoother and easier for you whilst I'm working on adding more content over the next few weeks.

Thanks again to everyone who has supported the game so far.

0.1.405[edit | edit source]

Taken from their official Steam blog.


I've worked long and hard over the past two days to get the game working on Mac and launching properly, the good news is we're one step closer and the game should definitely launch now.

Essentially the game loses context when uploaded, however runs fine if extracted from a zip installer which the launcher options should now account for. SO...

Firstly: Remove all of your game files, empty trash etc... Redownload the game and run either install 1 or install 2 launch option The game should then launch.

IF THAT STILL DOESN'T WORK. Navigate to your steam directory and install directory and unzip RPGTycoon.zip.. That should plop RPGTycoon.app in the right place. Run that and bob should be your uncle.

Ideally, I'll look at seeing if I can get the game to unzip itself as soon as you download, but that's going to take a little time and I didn't want to leave you all out in the dark as you've all been so supportive. Again, apologies for any inconvenience but I hope that you stick with me as the game develops and hopefully grows thanks to all your support.

Cheers Skatanic Studios

0.1.403[edit | edit source]

Taken from their official Steam blog.


I've mainly focused today on fixing the black screen issues and screen resize issues that some people have been having and the game should now run on resolutions higher than 1080p! To go fullscreen - hit optimum and then the window button and enjoy!

Other Fixes: - Adventurers now load again. - Minor other fixes.

I'm working hard on getting the Mac version running properly at the moment you'll need to go into the game installer and run the .air file OR if you've already got adobe air installed uninstall it. I'm also fixing bugs you're finding and I'll slowly be adding new features as this continues. Feedback has been great so far. Thanks!

0.1.4[edit | edit source]

Taken from their official steam blog.

Hi All,

Great to be reading some of your comments. It's already begun helping to shape the game ready for the release early next month.

The newest screenshot on the store page (0.1.35) will pretty much show off all of the new features I've added over the past few days getting ready for Alpha Version 0.1.4 when the game releases here on Steam.

Some of the new features include:

  • Custom Building Placement
  • Pathing
  • Decorative Objects
  • Quest History
  • Firing Heroes from your kingdom.
  • Researching new abilites, buildings, objects and various other items for your kingdom.

That's just a small amount of features that have been added to the game already since the steam deadline was set. There's still a few things left to add and I'll be working on getting the game to a good point before release.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already pre-purchased the game on the website and I look forward to you seeing the latest version of the game when it launches in August.

Regards, SkatanicStudios