RPM Tuning

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RPM Tuning
Basic Information
Video Game
Babylon Software
Wanadoo Edition
Top Gear
PlayStation 2, Microsoft Windows and Xbox
RPM Tuning
European Union European Release Date(s)
PlayStation 2
November 192004
June 32005
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
February 162005
Microsoft Windows
March 42005
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RPM Tuning (also known as Top Gear RPM Tuning) is a racing video game released in 2004 and was developed by Babylon Software and published Wanadoo Edition. It is part of the Top Gear game series.

The player assumes the role of Vincent Riker, who is trying to avoid being stopped by the police. Around 100km of Los Angeles has been modeled for the game, including roads and parks.

Players can customize their own car with 221,184 possibilities for mechanical parts and 1,382,976 different possibilities for the exterior of the car; the number of accidents the car has been in also affects performance. There are 7 gameplays, and 54 different missions.