Race – The Official WTCC Game

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Race – The Official WTCC Game
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Eidos Interactive (EU)

Valve Corporation (Steam)]][[Category:Eidos Interactive (EU)

Valve Corporation (Steam)]]
Sim racing
DVD, download
Microsoft Windows
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Race is a racing simulator computer game based on the World Touring Car Championship released in November 2006. The game was developed by SimBin, who had earlier produced critically acclaimed racing simulators like GTR and GT Legends, and distributed by Eidos in Europe and by Valve Corporation across their Steam network. The first expansion pack, Caterham Expansion was released in June 2007 featuring new cars and tracks.

The game features almost all drivers and all of the teams and tracks from the 2006 World Touring Car Championship season.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game is essentially a simulator, and when set to the highest difficulty, it produces a highly demanding and challenging game pace. However, the game can be made easier by togging on various aids, like traction control, anti-lock braking system and such. Moreover, the game does demand players to drive as real world race drivers will do, like the usage of braking to prevent wheels from locking up, and braking the car to an appropriate speed before turning into a corner. An attempt of "drifting" through the corner will usually cause the car to flip.

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