Radikal Bikers

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Radikal Bikers
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Gaelco]][[Category:Gaelco]], [[Bit Managers (Playstation)]][[Category:Bit Managers (Playstation)]]
[[Gaelco/Atari Games/Infogrames]][[Category:Gaelco/Atari Games/Infogrames]]
Racing game
Motorbike handles, throttle, start, view, and brakes
Arcade and PlayStation
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Radikal Bikers is a 1998 arcade game set in a Mediterranean environment by Gaelco based on delivering pizza on a rare Italian Scooter Called Italjet Dragster in heavy traffic before your AI opponent does, while getting points. It has multiple difficulty levels, including Capricciosa (medium), Margherita (easy) and Diabola (hard). If you beat all four races in a level, you get to play the next level free. The spiritual successor to this game was Smashing Drive.

Points[edit | edit source]

  • Win one race - +50000
  • Get power-up - +10 each
  • Power Kick Destructions - +10 each
  • Grabbing an Extra Point Power-up - +20 each

Power-ups[edit | edit source]

  • Turbo - High Speed
  • Random - "Random" Power-up (Actually based on its position and the biker you choose)
  • Power Kick - This power up allows you to blow up cars by kicking them in the side for points
  • Extra Time - Gives more time to complete the race
  • Extra Points - Gives extra points

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