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Basic Information
Location Information
Atm. Pressure
0.93 Earth Atmospheres atm
6,021 km

Codex Entry[edit | edit source]

The planet Rannoch, an arid planet orbiting an older star in the Tikkun system, is the former quarian homeworld. Almost three hundred years ago, the quarians were driven from Rannoch by the geth, synthetic servants who gained sapience and rebelled against their creators. Although Rannoch is now largely uninhabited, the geth have acted as caretakers, working to repair the planet's ecology, restore ancient structures, and cultivate some farmland.

Rannoch has no insect life. As a result, its pollinating plants evolved to rely on animals for propagation. This symbiosis between flora and fauna is responsible for the quarians' weakened immune systems, which made colonization of other planets extremely difficult after their exile from Rannoch. For many quarians, reclaiming their homeworld from the geth is a matter of both cultural and physiological necessity.

Solar System Entry[edit | edit source]

Population: Unknown. Quarian estimates on the number of geth range from the tens of millions to the single-digit billions. Estimates on the number of geth consciousnesses stored in servers are far higher.

Although its orange sun is only about 90% the mass of Sol and half as luminous, Rannoch is arid by Earth standards because it formed closer to its star and has slightly less ocean coverage. Photosynthetic life is concentrated around rivers and oceans, with large expanses of desert in between. The importance of plant life and shade in ancient quarian culture is evident in the translation of Rannoch's name--"walled garden."

To a starship's sensors, the most obvious feature of the quarian homeworld is the numerous heat sources in orbit. Thousands of geth space stations watch over the planet. Somewhere in this artificial swarm of constructions lurks the geth armada, waiting for its moment to counterattack.

Note: Once Priority: Geth Dreadnought has been completed, the player may commence Save the admiral and Shut down the geth server at this location.