Raptor: Call of the Shadows/Weapons & Shields

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Raptor: Call of the Shadows

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Built-In Weapon[edit | edit source]

Image Built-In Weapon Description Cost Resale
Energy Module icon.png Energy Module Replenishes normal shields. The lifeblood of all pilots, this little package is usually the first thing on all pilots wish lists. Sold in 25 unit increments only. $10,000 $5,000
Ion Scanner icon.png Ion Scanner The scanner will search the surrounding area for engine emissions from larger craft. Once detected, it will lock on, and a damage indicator for that ship will appear. $10,000 $5,000
MG21C Reaver Twin Machine Guns icon.png MG21C Reaver Twin Machine Guns Firing 21MM. Rounds at 7500 Rounds\Sec makes the reaver the basic weapon of choice for most pilots. $12,000 $6,000
Megabomb icon.png Megabomb The CBU-80 Guillotine is the only dual purpose bomb in existence. Once launched, sub-munitions are dispersed along the ground and in the air, raining massive damage upon both ground and air targets. (You can only carry 5 at maximum) $32,250 $16,125
Phrase Shield icon.png Phrase Shield The SA17 Ares is an enhancement for normal shields. The Ares raises a energy field around the fighter, which will absorb enemy fire until its power supply is depleted. (You can only carry 5 at maximum) $78,500 Not Resalable
Plasma Cannon icon.png Plasma Cannon The muzzle of dearborn industries firestorm is one of the most feared additions to any pilots arsenal. Its only disability is that it was not designed for ground target acquisition. $78,800 $39,400
Micro-Missile icon.png Micro-Missile Their size and weight may not make them extremely effective versus either ground or air targets, but they make up for this with their fast firing rate. $175,600 $87,800

Selectable Weapon[edit | edit source]

Image Selectable Weapon Description Cost Resale
Air-Air Missile icon.png Air\Air Missile The AIM-31 Mauler has been the mainstay of most military forces since its introduction in 1997. The unrivaled reliability of the mauler makes it a necessity in any dogfight. $63,500 $31,750
Bomb icon.png Bomb The MK-133 is a general purpose bomb that is a combination of a regular iron bomb and cluster bombs. Upon impact it creates a normal blast to the sides and throws sub-munitions forward. $98,200 $49,100
Air-Ground Missile icon.png Air\Ground Missile The AGM-26L Banshee is a radar guided Air-To-Ground missile with a shaped-charge warhead that will devastate smaller ground targets. $110,000 $55,000
Dumbfire Missile icon.png Dumbfire Missile The DM1R Psycho may not always go exactly where planned, but it's ability to strike at both ground and air targets makes it an invaluable addition to any arsenal. $145,200 $72,600
Missile Pod icon.png Missile Pod The AARL-1201 Scatterpack fires a cluster of HR-20 Spike Missiles making it a great weapon for aerial skirmishes. $204,950 $102,475
Auto-Track Mini-Gun icon.png Auto-Track Mini-Gun The TH19 Thor fires 45MM. D.P.U. rounds at 4000 Rounds\Sec. This, combined with an auto targeting system that acquires ground and air targets, makes this one of the best weapons available. $250,650 $125,325
Power Disrupter icon.png Power Disrupter The disrupter punches through enemy shields sending an energy pulse into the ship overloading its weapon systems and causing temporary shutdown. However, only some ships are affected. $300,750 $150,375
Laser Turret icon.png Laser Turret The OD55 Odin Laser Turret is a pilot's best choice for air combat. Similar to the TH19 Thor, the Odin has a faster response time with the laser's increased firepower. $512,850 $256,425
Pulse Cannon icon.png Pulse Cannon The RX1 Tsunami generates a variable frequency E.M.P. that packs a punch greater than most other weapons available. Affecting both ground and air targets, the RX1 is a fine choice for any pilot. $725,000 $362,500
Deathray icon.png Deathray The MSIL-ATLAS is one of the most powerful weapons available. Emitting a particle stream at incredible speeds, its awesome firepower is usually enough to destroy most targets in one shot. $950,000 $475,000
Twin Laser icon.png Twin Laser The CAL-10 Eclipse is the most powerful weapon available. Its twin beams of azure fire will incinerate anything in their path. The first, and last thing every pilot needs. $1,750,000 $875,000