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Basic Information
Video Game
Microsoft Game Studios
Platform, Action, Indie
Digital Download
Xbox 360
Xbox Live Arcade
Retail Features
Main Credits
Matthew Knights
Daniel Vogt
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Xbox Live Arcade
December 292010
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Raskulls is a console video game independently developed by Halfbrick. In 2009, Halfbrick announced the game will be available for download via the Xbox Live Arcade service.[1]

Announcement[edit | edit source]

Raskulls was announced on March 27 accompanied by two promo images featuring King and Dragon, two of the main characters.[2] After the initial reveal, character profiles were distributed among the gaming media to demonstrate the game's art style and humor.[3] Furthermore, a teaser trailer was also released shortly after, which contained no actual gameplay footage. The teaser is a satire of traditional game trailers featuring "epic" music and bold statements, whereas the Raskulls teaser shows an abrupt change in tone as King is shown flexing his muscles in front of a mirror accompanied by elevator music.[4]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Raskulls has been described as "Mario Kart + Castle Crashers + Bomberman",[5] in addition to comparisons with Mr. Driller. The game is primarily a racing game, where players must run through platform-based levels filled with blocks of different shapes and sizes. The Raskulls possess block-breaking wands, and the key to gaining an advantage is by smashing the blocks which allow the most efficient path through.

The single player story mode takes places over three game worlds, with a variety of gameplay types. The types announced so far include Ammo Scrooge and Bomb Diffusion. Multiplayer is either online via Xbox Live or up to four-players locally. Items will form part of the gameplay similar to that of Mario Kart, including the Flame Charge and Thunder Staff. "Boosties" can be collected within each level which fills a Frenzy bar. When activated, the Raskull is powered with super speed while the Frenzy depletes.[6]

On June 12, 2009, Halfbrick released the first official trailer for Raskulls, which does in fact show gameplay footage.[4] The trailer shows various levels, characters and gameplay modes, including snippets of multiplayer. It has been praised by various members of the video game media, claiming that the blending of genres in Raskulls could be a "dangerously fun combination"[7] and result in one of the "hottest XBLA titles this year."[8]

On February 2010, Halfbrick post a poll in order to choose the official cover for the game. The poll is open until 24 February here.

On May 21, a Raskulls tournament took place at the Mana Bar where champions were named and the developers said that it would be released "sooner than you think".

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