Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Basic Information
Video Game
SNK Playmore
SNK Playmore
Fatal Fury
Arcade, Neo Geo CD, Saturn, PlayStation, Game Boy and PlayStation 2
PlayStation Network
Retail Features
Technical Information
Arcade Specifications
Neo Geo MVS
8-way Joystick, 4 Buttons
United Nations International Release Date(s)
Neo Geo
January 281997
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
PlayStation Network
May 302007
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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special (リアルバウト餓狼伝説SPECIAL, Real Bout Garō Densetsu Special,? Real Bout Legend of the Hungry Wolf Special) is a 1997 fighting game released by SNK Playmore for the Neo Geo platform. It is the sixth instalment in the Fatal Fury series and the second game in the Real Bout sub-series, following the original Real Bout Fatal Fury. This game features all new graphics and returns to the two-level plane system from Fatal Fury 2.

Characters[edit | edit source]

The game retains the cast of the original Real Bout, with the addition Tung Fu Rue, Cheng Sinzan. Laurence Blood and Wolfgang Krauser from Fatal Fury Special, with Krauser serving as the new final boss. Geese Howard, who was killed off in the end of the original Real Bout appears in this game as a hidden final boss in a special "Nightmare Match" and as an unlockable playable character in the home versions. The game also features hidden "extra" versions of Tung Fu Rue, Billy Kane, Blue Mary, and Andy Bogard, for a total of 22 characters.

Console versions[edit | edit source]

Neo Geo CD and Saturn[edit | edit source]

The game was ported to the Neo Geo CD with several additions such as a Versus mode and a music video starring Blue Mary that is shown to the player after completing the Arcade mode following the credits. This port also saw a release for the Saturn, using the 1 MiB RAM cartridge expansion of the system in order to retain sprite animations.

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