RedCard 20-03

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RedCard 20-03
PAL region cover art for Xbox
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RedCard 20-03, known as RedCard in Europe, is a video game based on association football, released in 2002 by Point of View. The game follows most of the rules of football, but allows for heavy tackles and special moves once the player has charged up a special meter.

The game, released on the Nintendo GameCube, Xbox, and PlayStation 2, allows the player to compete across all the continents (including Antarctica) in a world conquest mode, which in turn unlocks the finals mode (World Cup). Players have to face all the teams in the game, including SWAT, penguins, dolphins, seals and so on, on a variety of fantasy pitches including the South Pole and an aircraft carrier.

On each continent the player begins against an easy team, and progresses onwards. In North America, players have to face the USA and a SWAT team (both semi-pro), then progress to Asia where they face Saudi Arabia (Amateur).

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