Red Ninja: End of Honor

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Red Ninja: End of Honor
Red Ninja box art.jpg
Developer(s) Tranji Studios
Publisher(s) Vivendi Games
status Status Missing
Release date PlayStation 2
March 3, 2005 (JP)
March 30, 2005 (NA)
April 1, 2005 (EU)
March 29, 2005 (NA)
April 1, 2005 (EU)
Genre Stealth action
Age rating(s) ESRB: M (Mature)
PEGI: 16+
CERO: C (15+)
Platform(s) PlayStation 2, Xbox
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Input Gamepad
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Red Ninja: End of Honor, known in Japan as Red Ninja: Kekka no Mai (紅忍 血河の舞, Reddo Ninja Kekka no Mai?), is a 2005 video game for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox platforms, created in a collaboration between the game developer Tranji Studios and the film writer Shinsuke Sato. It was published by Vivendi Games.

Story[edit | edit source]

A young girl's world is destroyed when she and her father are attacked by the Black Lizard clan. After witnessing the brutal execution of her father Ryo, the girl is brutally hung with a tetsugen ("iron string", or "wire") from a tree and left to die. Miraculously, she survives and is rescued and adopted into a ninja clan where she obtains complete mastery of her adopted weapon, the tetsugen. Pledging her undying loyalty to her new family, Kurenai ("Crimson") now lives to avenge her father's death and will go to any means necessary.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Red Ninja employs a third-person perspective with a limited rotatable camera. Enemies are dispatched with either a kunai blade or fundo (a blunt iron weight) attachment to the tetsugen. The tetsugen also has a hook attachment that allows Kurenai to swing to various places. Melee attacks can be performed with either the blade or fundo. By repeatedly annihilating enemies and avoiding injury, Kurenai can build her ninjutsu gauge, which allows her to enter a sort of "bullet time" in order to more efficiently eliminate enemies. When Kurenai is being chased by three or more enemies while targeting one of them, she can perform a powerful melee attack to annihilate all enemies in range.

However, as Kurenai is without armor and significant reach (enemies are armed with bows, spears, or katana), most battle encounters will either injure her seriously or kill her outright. It is best to avoid physical altercations either by sneaking, stealth-killing, or using Kurenai's feminine charm to eliminate threats. Stealth attacks are possible when Kurenai sneaks up on an enemy undetected or uses the blade to slice off an unaware enemy's head from a distance. A seduction stealth kill is also possible to perform on a single enemy: during such an attack, Kurenai will perform a vaguely suggestive activity and when the enemy approaches, will drag him down and kill him. Bodies of dead enemies can be dragged in order to conceal Kurenai's presence from the enemy, though only decapitated or defeated enemies can be dragged (in other words, Kurenai cannot pick up two separate halves of a body to hide them). The game is impossible to complete without killing people.

Kurenai has several different methods of moving. In addition to running, walking, and jumping, she can stealth walk in order to creep up on enemies or move behind low barriers. She will stealth run if an enemy is targeted, unaware of her presence, and she is being made to run. Kurenai can also wall-jump, that is to say jump from surface to surface, up to three times in order to surmount large obstacles. Kurenai can flatten herself against certain walls, cling to ledges, hang upside down from her tetsugen to kill people, and if she is running fast enough, can zoom straight up walls until she either runs out of momentum or smashes into something. Wall running cannot be done on all walls, and can only be done if Kurenai is running at full speed. If Kurenai is crouching, she can also roll rapidly when the jump button is pressed. When faced with tight, narrow spaces, Kurenai can dislocate her right shoulder in order to go through.

Areas can be navigated by looking at the (anachronistic) sonar circle in the corner. A green circle signifies successful infiltration, while yellow, orange, and red signal caution, alert, and full-out alarm/attack modes. Enemies are represented by arrowheads, with the point of the arrow being their direction of vision. A white X indicates the general direction Kurenai should go in order to complete the mission.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Kurenai: The main character. She is a serious young lady who has just come out of ninja training, and as a result sometimes lets her heart rule her actions instead of the ninja code. Her father is the creator of the gun blueprints that she is sent to retrieve.
  • Mochizuki Chiyome: Kurenai's sensei. Dedicated to Lord Shingen Takeda, she is the most accomplished ninja under Lord Takeda's clan. She is stern but also motherly toward Kurenai and Akemi. According to Zenzo, the bond between Chiyome and Lord Takeda is stronger than that between Lord Takeda and his wife. Whether this indicates romantic attachment or a close professional relationship, Chiyome is nevertheless privy to many of Lord Takeda's plans.
  • Akemi: Kurenai's friend and fellow ninja. She raises and is responsible for the ninja butterflies that Kurenai can consult throughout the game for tips on using the Tetsugen and ideas on how to navigate certain areas. She is a cheerful girl who follows Kurenai around like a younger sister and occasionally aids her on missions.
  • Zenzo: Kurenai's fellow ninja and de facto leader of Lord Takeda's ninja after Chiyome defects. He is a very traditional ninja but appears to have feelings for Kurenai, as he allows her to rescue Akemi instead of killing her when Akemi falls into enemy hands, and also gives her a tantō to use in her missions that has been in his family for generations.
  • Shingen Takeda: Lord of the Takeda clan. He always appears in armor and sitting behind a screen that largely obscures his features. Despite being a large and round man, he is one of the chief warlords in the fight against Nobunaga Oda and strongly supports his ninja. He appears to have a close relationship (could be romantic or professional) with Chiyome. He never speaks throughout the course of the game.
  • Kusoyari Takeda: Son of Lord Shingen Takeda, he speaks for his father during briefings and is never seen without a long-handled fan. He has something of a temper and, Chiyome hints, an inferiority complex since he is seen as the weak son of a strong father.
  • Ginbei: Apprentice to Kurenai's father, and credited as the creator of the gun blueprints after Kurenai's father dies. He is unaware that Kurenai has survived the assault of the Black Lizard clan. Initially appearing as an ineffectual intellectual in heavy glasses, he has a hard and ambitious side.

Reception[edit | edit source]

The game received mostly average-to-poor reviews, with the GameRankings score of 48.46% based on 22 reviews.[1]

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