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Basic Information
Company Type
Video game developer
Video games
Key People
CEO Chris Mosely Samantha Robson Shareholder

Redtribe is an Australian video game developer founded by veteran game developer and entrepreneur Chris Mosely in 2003. Chris Mosely was previously the CEO and founder of Blue Tongue Entertainment in 1995. Blue Tongue Entertainment has since been purchased by THQ [1] RedTribe was the first Australian developer to release a game on the XBox 360 & Wii [2]

RedTribe won the prestigious Business3000 'Export Business of the Year' and the overall ‘Business of the Year’ awards in 2007.[3]

Redtribe is located in Melbourne, at Level 10, 50 Market Street Melbourne.

Redtribe has released games on PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, Wii and PC

Released games[edit | edit source]

Games in development[edit | edit source]

  • TBA

Credits[edit | edit source]

Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal

  • Executive Producer Chris Mosely
  • Chief Operating Officer Samantha Anne Robson
  • Director Human Resources Samantha Anne Robson
  • Senior Game Designer Joe Velikovsky
  • Writer Joe Velikovsky
  • Game Mechanics Design Daniel Streatfield
  • Lead Asset Manager James Langford
  • Lead Level Designer Toshi Endo
  • Environment Artists Toshi Endo, Marty Howe, Jessica Brett, Paul dal Pozzo, Morgan O'Sullivan, Antonio Petrakis, Phillip Phair, Adrian Vaughan
  • Senior Level Designer Marty Howe
  • Level Designers Jessica Brett, Paul dal Pozzo, Morgan O'Sullivan, Antonio Petrakis, Phillip Phair, Adrian Vaughan
  • Lead Character Artist Damian Borg
  • Senior Character Artists Harsh Borah, Lloyd Chidgzey
  • Character Artists Justin Greenaway, Gavin Kusters, Mark Pitcher
  • Lead Animator Barney Cumming
  • Character Animators Darren White, Robert Junggeburt, Robert Dowling, Joe Bryant, Wongu Oh
  • Animator Sebastian Kussowski
  • Texture Artist Sebastian Kussowski
  • GUI Designer Sebastian Kussowski
  • Artist Joe Bryant
  • Level Animator Wongu Oh
  • Lead Application Programmers Thomas Lundell, Andrew Phillips (Yassim), Russell Smith
  • Engine Programmers Thomas Lundell, Ryan Butterfield, Stuart McMahon, Lewis Baker, John Cannon
  • Senior Lead Engineers Andrew Phillips (Yassim), Ryan Butterfield
  • Lead Character Programmer Russell Smith
  • Senior Software Engineers Stuart McMahon, Lewis Baker, John Cannon
  • Software Engineer Yossi Landesman
  • Sound Yossi Landesman
  • Level Technical Lead Adam Templeton
  • Lead Level Scripter Adam Templeton
  • Lead Prototyper Adam Templeton
  • Prototype Programmers Hamish Fawns, Paul Roberts
  • Application Programmers Paul Roberts, David Coen, David Lloyd, Damian Heard, Warren Carroll
  • Level Scripter Scott Zonneveldt
  • Senior Tools Programmer David Coen
  • Tools Programmer David Lloyd
  • Senior Application Programmer Geoff Battye
  • System Programmer Geoff Battye
  • Sound Design & Audio Steve Blezy
  • Quality Assurance Louis Meyer
  • QA Testers Vaughan Staehr, Isaac McIntyre, Benny McIntyre, Eric Donaldson
  • Systems Administrator Ross Dougherty
  • Systems Administration Daniel Orlic
  • Internal Accountant Yuan Meng
  • Executive Assistant to the CEO Emily Turner
  • Executive Assistant to the COO Sarah Patterson
  • Cinematics by Zero One Animation Brad May, Kelly Brown, Ben Bryan, Trent Denham, Shane Hall, Shawn Miller, Vu Nguyen, Dave Oakley, Ben Tiefholz, Jordan Walsh
  • Accounting by Lundstrom Dickson & Barbanti Chris Barbanti, Luke Henry
  • Legal Services by Logie Smith Lanyon Kate Callil-Roberts
  • Additional Contributors Simon Short (Game Mechanics Design), Shael Zelunka (Level Designer & Environment Artist), Ian Bright (Character Artist), Upinder Dhaliwal (Character Artist), Jason *James (Character Artist), Furio Tedesci (Character Artist), Nick London (Art Guru), Keith Ealanta (Programmer), Aaron Vernon
  • Special Thanks Norby 'Sylvester' - our Mascot, Michael Gordon (Lava Injection Studios), Karen Thompson, Robert Thompson, Our partners and cats - for putting up with us at crunchtime

Testing and Localization by Babel Media****

  • Project Manager Costas Pexos
  • Quality Assurance Manager Éric Audette
  • Quality Assurance Coordinator Julian Mower
  • Quality Assurance Team Sanjay Singh, Adam Djourian, Jérôme Parent, Gianluca Caltabiano, Vladimira Tcherkezova, Sekoul Krastev

Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

  • Producer Nick Torchia
  • Game Concept Nick Torchia
  • Design Nick Torchia
  • Associate Producer Nathan Whitman
  • Quality Assurance Manager John Durishan
  • Production Coordinator John Durishan
  • Manager, Rights & Clearances Karen Fishman
  • Senior Vice President, Production & Development Samantha Ryan
  • Manager, First Party Operations Wendy Bozzi
  • Marketing Associate Jillian Gibson
  • Director, Marketing Stephanie Johnson
  • Director, PR Remi Sklar
  • Director, Legal & Business Affairs Jennifer Stump
  • Senior Vice President, Operations Debra Baker
  • Director, Trade Marketing Anne Leuschen
  • Vice President, Sales & Distribution Ronald Scott
  • Executive Vice President, Worldwide Supply Chain Management John Quinn
  • Original Music Composition by Game Audio Ltd.
  • Music Director Keith Leary
  • Looney Tunes Character Art Re-Design by Warner Bros. Animation Frank Molieri, Jessie Silver
  • Looney Tunes Voice-Over Talent Joe Alaskey (Bugs Bunny/ Daffy Duck/ Marvin the Martian & Sylvester the Cat), Maurice LaMarche (Foghorn Leghorn & Yosemite Sam), Bob Bergen (Porky Pig & Evil Porky), Jim Cummings (Tasmanian Devil)
  • Voice Over Director Collette Sunderman
  • Voice-Over Recording by Skylark Sound Rita Kedineoglu
  • Cinematics Sound by Warner Bros. Sound Facilities
  • Sound Supervisor Gregory J. Hainer (M.P.S.E.)
  • Sound Designer Gregory J. Hainer (M.P.S.E.)
  • Dialogue Editor Gregory J. Hainer (M.P.S.E.)
  • Re‑Recording Mixer Ed Carr (C.A.S.)
  • Foley Editor Thom Brennan
  • Foley Artists John Roesch, Alyson Dee Moore
  • Foley Mixer Mary Jo Lang
  • Foley Recordist Scot Morgan
  • Senior Vice President, Post Production Services Kim Waugh
  • Special Thanks Ayzenberg, Hanshaw Ink & Image, Monolith Productions, Warner Bros. Animation, Warner Bros. Advanced Digital Services, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, Warner Home Video, David Abrams, Sam Ades, Jacques Barreau, Heidi Behrendt, Kevin Bricklin, Michele Brownson, Steve Chalk, Christopher Chen, Amit Desai, Brian Dimick, Monique Doubet, Ben Elliot, Danielle Finkel, Lindsey Fischer, Annette Fleming, Josh Fleming, Catherine Frizat, Jennifer George, Reggie Goco, Jason Hall, Tom Ham, Jessica Holloway, Megan Jirovec, Scott *Johnson, Yvette Kehela, Julia King, Jeneba Konare, Monica Loya, Louise McTighe, Daniele Mathras, Ulises Molina, Sean Mountain, Greg Mucha, Michael Leon, Marco Lopez, Jamie O'Brien Moore, Juan Ojeda, Wayne Parkes, Jesse Phillips, Jessica Pinto, Bob Roberts, Doug Rukavina, Ricci Rukavina, Gary Sheinwald, Steven Sizer, Michael Steuerwald, Amanda Shuman, Melanie Swartz, Jeri Street, Mike Takac, Irene Toporzysek, Lowell Vaughen, Amy Wagner, Stefan Weibel, Steve Wheeler, Hester Woodliffe, Dana Young
  • And a Very Special Dedication to Chuck Jones, Mel Blanc

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References[edit | edit source]

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