Regal Bryant

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Regal Bryant

Cheer up, emo kid.

Game Series Tales of Symphonia
First Appearance

Regal Bryant from Tales of Symphonia is a really sad guy. He willingly keeps his hands in cuffs and wears a half shirt more unknown reasons. Despite this, he is still a good fighter, using his legs to beat the crap out of everyone. He's a real kicker. His Techs are unique in that they are designed to connect to each other to build up combos, instead of just being strong as single attacks. Regal equips various types of footing as weapons.

Regal was once a rich business man at the resort in Alta Mira. He was imprisoned for murdering his wife, Presea's sister. It wasn't really a murder, actually, she had just been turned into a monster by an Exsphere and pleaded to be put out of her misery. Since then, Regal has been sad, and refuses to use his hands to kill again. But apparently killing with his feet is okay. He justifies this by stating that, by not using his hands to kill, he forces himself to remember the evil sin he has committed. The guy really beats himself up.