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Resident Evil Outbreak

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Inventory[edit | edit source]


What people will quickly notice about Outbreak is that all the menus in-game are transparent. This is because the game does not pause while you are combining items. If you are hit while in a menu or doing a puzzle the menu will close automatically and interrupt whatever you were doing, forcing you to start over.

Instead of having six inventory slots for males and eight slots for females with a unique item in an extra slot for both, a character now has only four inventory slots that they can readily access and one unique non-transferable item.

Moving a cursor over an item will show a brief description below the EKG (heart monitor). Selecting an item will bring up a series of actions related to that particular item: Use, Equip, Combine or Present. If you present an item, your character will offer it to the other players who can come up and take it from you but you will still be in your inventory screen. It is also possible to press Square to present the item; you will still be standing with your hand out, but now you can turn your character to face the person you want and use the dialogue commands to indicate who you want to have it.

Item swapping

When picking up an item from the ground, you can choose to swap it with an item in your inventory or combine it with herbs or ammo already inside. However, key items cannot be combined in this way nor can weapons be reloaded without first having both items in your inventory. Item swapping is an excellent way to stock up an area for a battle or to leave items for your partners while you go on ahead.

Healing items[edit | edit source]


  • Green Herbs are used to restore some health.
  • Red Herb amplifies the effects of the blue and green herb, and does nothing alone but stop the virus gauge for a few seconds.
  • Blue Herbs cure poison and will stop the virus gauge for a few seconds.

Herb combinations

  • Green + Blue cures poison and stops virus gauge for 60 seconds, 90 if Green + Green + Blue.
  • Green + Red triples the healing power of the Green Herb and stops virus gauge for 90 seconds.
  • Blue + Red cures poison and stops virus gauge for 90 seconds.
  • Green + Red + Blue cures poison, fully heals and stops virus gauge for 120 seconds.


  • Recovery pills are used to restore some health. They restore a little more health than Green Herbs.
  • Antidotes cure poison.
  • Hemostat pills cure bleeding.
  • Anti-virus pills stop the T-Virus's growth for some time.

First Aid Spray

  • First Aid Sprays heal the player to full health. A player may equip this item and spray it onto another single person and heal them to full health.

Note: All health items stop the T-Virus gauge from rising; the anti-virus pills just stop it for a longer period of time. The First Aid Spray will not stop the virus gauge from rising if it is equipped and sprayed onto someone.

Combat[edit | edit source]

Resident Evil: Outbreak presents the first time in the series that players have been given multiple melee weapons, and even their own bodies (via kicks, shoves, rams and tackles), to use against enemies. However, many such weapons are very weak and still no match for a firearm of some kind, and should only be considered a last resort. Weapons and physical strikes can also be used to break down doors instead of opening them manually, although some enemies have the capacity to do the same.

If you attempt to play Outbreak like you would have in the previous games you will receive a very painful lesson. You cannot go room to room anymore to clear out a level. In most areas killing a zombie just gives the game a cue to have another zombie bash its way through the door to replace that one. Some areas are "safe" but the general rule is to kill only when you cannot run away in order to save ammunition for tougher enemies and bosses.

Unarmed[edit | edit source]

The basic attack is the shoulder ram. Your character will make a short shoulder charge that does minimal damage to an enemy. It can be used to break crates and boxes or to make an enemy flinch or stumble. If you press down and attack, your character will do a quick stomp for twice as much damage as the shoulder ram. Killing with your bare hands is not advisable against most enemies because of the time, effort and health required makes it an unworthy venture. Experienced players who are low on health can use the shoulder charge to move slightly faster than the danger limp or to dodge an attack.

Melee weapons[edit | edit source]


Extremely unwieldy and slow, the reach is excellent but the range is narrow. Your character will pull back and thrust forward for the upper, middle and lower attack. This attack pattern applies to brooms, long poles, spears and stun rods. As it breaks down it will shorten in length to become the medium-sized melee weapon.


Fairly quick with decent reach and a wide range. Your character will swing from right to left for an upper and middle attack, but will bring it straight down in an overhead arc for a downward attack. This attack pattern applies to poles, pipes, hammers and timbers. As it breaks it will become the short melee weapon.


Slow, with varied reach and poor hit range. Your character will pull back and toss it in an overhead arc before it lands about 8 feet away on the ground, It will land about 15 feet away if aimed high and 3 feet away for low. This attack pattern applies to sticks, curved iron pipes, concrete pieces and bottles/molotovs. After an object is thrown, your character will be bare-handed except unless you're throwing bottles and have extras that your character can re-equip automatically (you must re-equip manually in file 1).


Slow, with poor reach and poor range. Your character will spray about 3-4 feet in front of them. First aid Sprays may be equipped like this to heal multiple partners that are close together.

Butcher knife This is a quite useful kitchen weapon. It can be used to create a spear when it is combined with a Long Pole and Vinyl Tape by David.

Hammer David can combine an Iron Pipe, a Concrete Piece, and Vinyl Tape to create this slow but powerful weapon. Even though it does a lot of damage, it will break after a few swings rendering it useless.

Stun Rod It can be created by David using an Iron Pipe, Vinyl Tape and a Battery. It can deliver a high voltage shock that will kill an enemy after a few good blows. Unlike most melee weapons (excluding knifes), the Stun Rod can be used a good amount of times before breaking.

Grey Chemical Bottle This weapon is filled with an explosive substance. Once the bottle shatters, it can do a lot of damage.

Yellow Chemical Bottle This weapon is filled with Metabolic Acid. Once it shatters, it can do a lot of damage to the enemy and the others nearby.

Firearms[edit | edit source]

Handgun - Beretta 92FS, SIG P226

.45 Auto Pistol - Colt M1911A1

Shotgun - Franchi SPAS-12

Submachine gun - Heckler & Koch MP5

Assault Rifle - M4 Carbine

Magnum Handgun, Magnum Revolver - IMI Desert Eagle, Smith & Wesson Model 29

Grenade Launcher - M79 grenade launcher|Picatinny Arsenal M79

Rocket Launcher - Saab AT-4