Restaurant Empire II

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Restaurant Empire II
Basic Information
Video Game
Paradox Interactive
Business Simulation
Microsoft Windows
Retail Features
Restaurant Empire II
Technical Information
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
June 2009
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Restaurant Empire II (simplified Chinese: 奇迹餐厅2Template:; traditional Chinese: 奇蹟餐廳2Template:; pinyin: Qí Jì Cān Tīng 2) is the sequel to the highly successful Restaurant Empire. It has new features such as new themes for American restaurants, over 700 pieces of new internal and external furniture and decorations, the addition of German cuisine and the city of Munich, and several others.

You can also own a Coffee shop and a dessert house, and many other kinds of restaurants. In the campaign mode, many new features have been added, such as organizing performance in your restaurant and changing the colors of the uniforms on your staff. Returning characters are: Armand and Michel LeBoeuf, Delia Delecoeur, and Don Corleone. The campaign mode features a remade version of the campaign in Restaurant Empire 1. The game also focuses more on the managerial aspects of running a restaurant empire.

Many of the graphics have been updated from the original game, with higher polygon counts, higher resolution textures, and some basic shaders, although some graphics have not been updated. Nearly all of the features from the original game are included in Restaurant Empire II, including the original food menu system, hiring and firing employees, and managing ingredients.

Critical reception[edit | edit source]

Reviews have been mixed, with praise for adding new content and keeping the game alive, but complaints about micromanagement and the recycled graphics.[1]

Metacritic rates it as "Mixed or average reviews."[2]

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