Ricochet Xtreme

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Ricochet Xtreme
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Reflexive Entertainment]][[Category:Reflexive Entertainment]]
[[Reflexive Entertainment]][[Category:Reflexive Entertainment]]
Breakout clone
Digital Download
Microsoft Windows
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Ricochet Xtreme (also known as simply Ricochet) is the first Ricochet game in the Ricochet Series created by Reflexive Entertainment. The game play is very similar to the old Atari Breakout (a game that involves busting bricks with your paddle and ball). In the Reflexive version, the game is highly stylized. The game is played through different themes. There is a space theme, an underwater theme, an infinity theme and a tech theme. In each level, the "bricks" are animated. Some bricks explode, some are "un-breakable" and some are power-up bricks that have special power-ups that float down to your paddle at the bottom of the screen. When you catch the power-ups, certain effects ensue. An example would be the "gun power-up". When you catch the gun power-up, a pair of guns grow out of your paddle for better destruction of the bricks on the screen.

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