Rifts: Promise of Power

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Rifts: Promise of Power
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Backbone Entertainment]][[Category:Backbone Entertainment]]
Tactical role-playing game[1][2]
N-Gage Cartridge/MMC
Main Credits
[[Palladium Books]]
[[Chris Rezanson]]
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Rifts: Promise of Power is a licensed Rifts video game, released on September 10, 2005 for the Nokia N-Gage. It is the first, and currently only, adaptation of the Rifts role-playing game franchise to a video game. However, due to the failure of the N-Gage platform in the North American market, this game is very difficult to find.

The basic mechanics of the game have been adapted from the pen and paper version, using an Action Point turn based system similar to Fallout or X-Com.

The character classes provided in Promise of Power provide a broad but shallow sampling from the hundreds of classes in the books. Additionally, the creators have added 3 proto-classes that you player chooses from when the begin the game. Mercenary, Psionic and Magic User. Upon reaching level 4, the character chooses a specialisation such as Burster, Cyborg, Ley Line Walker etc. Some of these classes are only available from one proto-class, and some are available from multiple. One Character Class designed for the game, the Elemental Fusionist, was adapted into the Role-playing game in the Rifts' Ultimate Edition.

Game World[edit | edit source]

Promise of Power is set on Rifts Earth, a post apocalytic world a few hundred years in the future. It contains advanced technology, Dimension Beings from the rifts, magic and psionic powered characters, mutants, and vampires.

The game covers five different locations of Rifts Earth from the books:

References[edit | edit source]

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