Rig Racer 2

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Rig Racer 2
Developer(s) Data Design Interactive
Publisher(s) Destineer (NA)
Metro 3D (EUR)
Designer Designer Missing
status Status Missing
Release date PlayStation 2
July 12, 2005 (PAL)
October 13, 2005 (PAL)
December 31, 2007 (NA)
March 14, 2008 (PAL)
Genre Racing
Mode(s) Single Player
Age rating(s) ESRB: Everyone
PEGI: 3+
Platform(s) Wii, PlayStation 2, PC
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media Media Missing
Input Wii Remote
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Rig Racer 2 is a video game developed by Data Design Interactive for the PlayStation 2, PC, and for the Wii. It released in Europe in July 12, 2005 for the PlayStation 2 and later for the PC on October 13, 2005. It was later released for the Wii as a budget title in the United States around December 31, 2007 and later released in Europe in March 14, 2008.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Rig Racer 2 is an arcade racing game featuring trucks. Players race on courses in Europe. Weather effects include sunshine and light to heavy rain. Players can collect money during the race and for winning races. Any damage to the truck that occurs during the race is deducted from winnings unless the player drives into the pits.