Rikti Crash Site

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Rikti Crash Site

In the Rikti War, dozens or hundreds of these ships invaded. Just one crashed here and destroyed the zone.

Official Name
Level Range 40-50
Zone Type Trial
Area 1.14
Arena Access? No
Task Force
Strike Force
Trial Major Richard Flagg (44+ Respec)
Hero Corp Field Analyst
Fortunata Fateweaver
Zone Events
Monster Spawns
Transportation Portal to Peregrine Island
Hero Groups
Villain Groups * Rikti
* Crey
* Devouring Earth
Districts * The DMZ
* The Bulge
* Little Round Top
* Pork Chop Hill
* Bloody Lane
* Sunken Road
* Point duc Hoc
Exploration Badges * Ace: 1360, 294, -274
History Plaques * Academic Plaque 2: 2002, 130, -7041, Wall Mounted
Connected Zones * Crey's Folly

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Rikti Crash Site was once one of Paragon City's more upscale neighborhoods, but today it is the last battlefield of the Rikti War. When the Rikti were cut off from their homeworld, many retreated here to the site of one of their crashed ships, which is still protected by a powerful force field. The entire zone has been turned to ruins, either by the crash itself or the continuing battle between the Rikti and the U.S. Army. Crey operatives can also be found here, scavenging for valuable (and illegal) Rikti tech, and the Devouring Earth are around as always to take advantage of the devastation.

The Crash Site has long been one of the emptiest zones in City of Heroes, due to the fact that it requires going through multiple zones to get to, and the only missions there are part of the level 44+ Respec Trial. Recently a portal was opened between Portal Corp in Peregrine Island and the DMZ near the enterance of the Crash Site, but even so it is a quiet area for a war zone.