Ring of the Wood Elves (NWN)

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Ring of the Wood Elves
Ring of the Wood Elves.png
Basic Information
Further Information
Special Properties
Spell Resistance: 16
Featured in...
Neverwinter Nights

As a child, Lady Aribeth de Tylmarande helped to save her home of Thundertree from the spells of a power-hungry Luskan wizard, doing so with the aid of this ring. Crafted by the elves of the Neverwinter Wood and given to her by the ranger Ansal Bloodshoulder, it was once a dear possession of hers... but no longer. On the road to becoming a paladin of Tyr, there have been times when she felt the need to break from her past - to shed certain parts of herself so that the light of the Just God would find her unburdened. For whatever reason, Lady Aribeth no longer chooses to recognize this ring as hers, and it has passed to other hands. Like its former owner, the silver band is graceful and resilient, elegant but with a hidden strength.