Rival Turf!

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Rival Turf!
Rival Turf! US cover
Basic Information
Video Game
Rushing Beat
Beat'em up
8-megabit cartridge
Super NES Controller
SNES and Super Famicom
Retail Features
Technical Information
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
December 231992
Japan Japanese Release Date(s)
Super Famicom
March 271992
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Rival Turf!, released in Japan as Rushing Beat (ラッシング・ビート?), is a video game that was released by Jaleco in 1992 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is the first installment in the Rushing Beat trilogy, which also included Brawl Brothers and The Peace Keepers, although the games were localized as unrelated titles in North America.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Rival Turf! is a beat'em up. The player controls one of two characters: Jack Flak (known in Japan as "Rick Norton") or Oozie Nelson (known in Japan as "Douglas Bild") in a one or two player mode, to defeat a plethora of enemies using fists, feet, and various weapons collected throughout the course of the game. The game also includes an "angry" mode where the character becomes temporarily invincible and does more damage after taking too much damage. The game also has a 2 player versus mode.

Story[edit | edit source]

Gangs have become an all too familiar enemy to lead the criminal influence on the streets of L.A. as well as on the east coast of Mexico. However, one man who walks in the shadows has been able to unify the rival gangs of the east coast of Mexico and the west coast of the United States for one sole purpose. This purpose is to wreak havoc and chaos against society by controlling the streets and therefore rendering law enforcement officials helpless and hopeless to stop them. The shadowy man is known only as "Big Al", and he calls his gang the Street Kings.

The United States government and the Mexican government have decided to ban together to produce a task force to combat this major threat. The United States has chosen to send Jack Flak, one of L.A.'s finest law enforcement officers. Mexico has chosen to send Major Oozie Nelson, one of Mexico's best military personnel. Together, they will infiltrate the gangs on their own turf from the inside-out. Will you be able to survive the hoards of gangs that will stop at nothing to destroy you? The time is now to fight them on "Rival Turf."

Characters[edit | edit source]

Protagonists[edit | edit source]

Jack Flak (Rick Norton)
Jack Flak is the primary hero of the video game. A 26-year-old detective in the Los Angeles Police Department. He is a person who is fond of jumpers and jeans. The flying kick and the back drop are his specialty attacks.
Oozie Nelson (Douglas Bild)
Oswald "Oozie" Nelson is a 44-year-old director of the Los Angeles police force. Wearing a police uniform, he likes to use professional wrestling moves with the fierceness of Frankenstein's monster. His body type was created by a combination of science and technology.

Street Kings[edit | edit source]

Bullet (Kamikaze)
This foot soldier is a dime a dozen. Bullet will usually try to punch you, but he's usually too slow. Pummel him with ease or throw him around like a garbage bag.
Case (Ride)
The motorcycle maniac Case is also plentiful and always wears a helmet for protection. Grab this gang member like a crash test dummy and send him flying through the air, crashing through other gang members via the shoulder throw or power bomb.
Skinny (Slick)
Tall, slender, and lanky, Skinny is the explosives expert of the bunch. He prefers to kick the living daylights out of you with Side Kicks at close range. Also, he chucks dynamite sticks at you from a safe distance as well. When he gets in close enough, punch away.
Reggie (Bob)
Reggie is a rap dude who has long dreadlocks like a reggae man and grins an awful lot. Knock that stupid smile off of that face when he gets in close enough. Be careful - he prefers to fling explosives and has wicked dance kicks.
Butch (Butchy)
Big and heavy, Butch is tough but also very slow. He will try to Uppercut you, but you should be able to dodge with ease. If it connects, you're bruised. He also tries to pile-drive with his elbow, doing massive damage when he connects. So dodge out of the way if you see this 280-pounder take to the air.
Louie (Big El)
Louie is another large-bodied gang member who fights with the same intensity as his partner. He likes to wear football gear to protect himself while flinging himself at his opponents. When he lands from missing the elbow, pick up the heavy body and toss him at other gang members.
Goro (Kato)
A martial arts expert who makes a strong component of the gang. Goro's Karate Kicks will send you flying should you get too close. Also, when he has the chance to get in close, he'll hurl your behind to the curb.
Kato (Poe)
Kato is another black belt who studied in the same school that his buddy did. He also likes to throw backward kicks as well if you try to attack him. His Judo Throws are as lethal as ever, so he should be met with extreme caution.
Warrior (Sho)
Don't be fooled by Warrior's stylish costume... he's huge and can put up a decent fight. If you get too close, he unleashes a Hundred-Hand Assault. His most brilliant move is a Whirlwind Kick from afar. When he misses with this awesome technique, attack him with a combo move of your own.
Dingo (Ryu)
A definite fitting name for how this member acts. Also, this Shakespearean Shinobi fights like his counterpart. Dingo is a little faster and a lot more brutal than his pal. Send this wild animal flying when you get the chance.
Arnold (Arnold)
Arnold is the heavy muscle of the gang. This muscular gang member hits rather hard with those big hands. Also, he sports the Terminator shades to boot. Finally, don't get in too close to this movie star or you will be terminated when he grabs you and performs a death dance on your noggin.
Gigante (Gigante)
Couldn't think of a better fit for this gang member's appearance and personality. A former professional wrestler, Gigante mimics his companion's style of fighting and will beat you black and blue on the spot. If he touches you, expect to be flung to the pavement. But if you pull this one off, you just might be more than a match for this Hollywood Hulk.
  • Bullet

  • Case

  • Skinny

  • Reggie

  • Butch

  • Louie

  • Goro

  • Kato

  • Warrior

  • Dingo

  • Arnold

  • Gigante

  • Bosses[edit | edit source]

    Genie (Singh)
    Boss of the Streets of Downtown Los Angeles. Genie looks and dresses like a genie, turban and all. He also carries around a sabre and is pretty skilled at using it well. However, his weakness is that he relies on it way too much.
    Sledge (Honky)
    Boss of Los Angeles Stadium. Sledge wears a rugged jogging suit and carries a jamming beatbox. His method of hand-to-hand combat is jumping in the air and powerdiving at you by attacking with a double overhand smash. This leaves him wide open if he happens to miss you. Also, he uses an air horn to summon backup... in a '63 Cadillac.
    Slasher (T Omari)
    Boss of the Skyscrapers. Slasher looks like a ninja with a skull mask on his face and a pony tail sticking out in the back. As the name implies, he will try to slash at you with his claw. Also, he will jump to the high ledge and will try to dive slash you. If he misses, he is wide open for attacks. If he connects... watch out.
    Captain (Captain)
    Boss of the Southern (Andes) Mountains. Captain Crook is a big boy who will use the big foot to bring you down. If he misses with it, he is left wide open. Also, watch out how close you get to him because he will grab you. If he does, it's all over... almost. He will lift you up by the throat for a couple of seconds and then choke slam you to the ground. Very painful indeed. His crew will come to his aid if needed.
    Ice Man (Karn)
    Boss of the Southern Port. Ice Man is Big Al's Lieutenant and moves with the quickness of a figureskater. Also, he wears a hockey jersey, ice skates and a Luchador mask. He likes to throw spinning roundhouses and only has a split second of weakness when he gets dizzy. He gets his nickname from putting his opponents on ice. He also moves around as though he were always skating in an ice rink.
    Big Al (Kintark)
    The man who united the rival gangs and found at the Hideout. Big Al is a master of the dark arts and his martial arts skills are unrivaled. This is the gang leader who you must defeat in order to cripple the criminal influence. Bringing down Big Al will send a ripple through the criminal underground. His only weakness is his temper and rage. Use this against him to conquer. You're going to need a little luck and a lot of skill to make it through this one!
  • Genie

  • Sledge

  • Slasher

  • Captain

  • Ice Man

  • Big Al

  • Reception[edit | edit source]

    In the January 2010 issue of Nintendo Power, the editors poked fun at the game's cover art, saying that "The marketing people on this game actually had a pretty outside-the-box idea, which should have really stayed off the box. After all, who is the target audience going to find more intimidating than thugs their own age?"[1]

    References[edit | edit source]

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