Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction

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Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction
Basic Information
Video Game
Climax Group
BBC Multimedia
PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows
Robot Wars: Arenas of DestructionRobot Wars: Arenas of Destruction
CanadaUnited StatesMexico North American Release Date(s)
November 222001
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Robot Wars: Arenas Of Destruction is a game created by Climax Group and published by BBC Multimedia. This is the first in the series of the 3 games, Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction, Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction, and Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction. It was created for the PC and PS2. In this game, players can fight as their own created robots, or famous robots from the series, such as Razer, Behemoth and others in many arenas and tournaments in order to earn money and build robots.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

When the player firsts starts this game, they start with 2000 credits and a robot called "My first bot". The player can sell this robot and get an extra 1350 credits to spend on a new one. The chassis cost 100-500 credits, the locomotion costs 0-1700, the power costs 100-1500, the drive costs 40-3500, the weapons cost 150-9500, the armour costs 100-5000, and the extras cost 10-100 credits, but they can get some stuff to a lower price and get some other stuff too at the scrapyard. The control is fully customizable, but some buttons cannot be edited, like the pause button. The player fights robots in championships (Example:Flipping Frenzy) in order to gain money. In the later tournaments, they need to pay money in order to go into the tournament.

A battle between Hypnodisc and Thor in the Siberia stage

The House Robots cannot be played, won, or bought by the player, but can be pitted-against them in a one-to-one training confrontation. The RefBot is not included in this largely series 4 based game, but appears in the game that succeeded Arenas of Destruction; Advanced Destruction. The House Robots cannot be played in this game, either, although 'cheats' have appeared in various gaming magazines, which, by pressing a certain button combination, allow the player the option to play as the House Robots. There were a number of gaming bugs, that were attributed to the House Robots, such as attacking before the player came to the Corner Patrol Zone, or randomly, pariculary in the Japanese arena, attacking the player, with no referee to stop them. This often resulted in the player's match being compromised.

Craig Charles does not appear in the game, even though he had been the presenter of the series since its second season (Charles said, in an interview in the Robot Wars Magazine, that his young son urged him to take the position, after watching the show), but the commentator, Jonathan Pearce, provides commentary on statsitics of the battle, the information relative to the arena and a description of the robots competing. There are a number of comments he makes during the battles, that have a fairly wide range, but noticeably become repetitive, as the player advances.

Stages[edit | edit source]

Reception[edit | edit source]

Robot Wars: Arenas Of Destruction has received generally mediocre reviews. CVG awarded the game 56 out of 100,[1] citing unresponsive controls and lack of difficulty as the reasons for the low score.

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