Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction

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Robot Wars: Extreme Destruction was the last of the Robot Wars video games to be released. The version created for PC and Xbox was developed by Futuretech Inc. and released by BBC Multimedia in 2002. A separate version of the game was released for Game Boy Advance, but the gameplay, arenas and available robots differed greatly between the two versions. This game however, doesn't play on the Xbox 360, due to been released so earlier than other games that can play on the Xbox 360.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The game brings together all the elements of the TV show - players can design and build their own robots, drawing upon a database of body parts, armour, engines, wheels and weapons. The game also supports split-screen play of up to 4 players.

Features[edit | edit source]

New and improved 3D arenas; while players of the PC and Xbox versions can battle it out on an aircraft carrier, in a car factory, on a military base or atop a skyscraper. 10 different game types; including Robot football and sumo competitions. More robots than the first game; The RefBot oversees the destruction, while the most popular of the house robots and a range of new competitor robots created by the developers of the game, join in the fray. Secret component stores can be unlocked by successful play within the campaign tournaments, the player can also purchse pre-built robots such as the ones from the TV show, and battle against other robots in the tournaments using them.