Robotech: Crystal Dreams

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Robotech: Crystal Dreams
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Video Game
Action, Sci-fi
Nintendo 64
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An open-ended space flight game set in the Robotech/Macross universe. The developer Gametek went bankrupt before the game was finished.

Story[edit | edit source]

Kyle Bartley has a troubled past with the RDF military, but a situation in space requires a MBS news pilot with combat experience to cover what's going on. Kyle is given a Veritech fighter to reach the Super Dimensional Fortress Three. After helping defend the SDF-3 against a Zentraedi attack Kyle is given a mercenary position where he could assist the RDF fleet in battle and have access to facilities without being a part of the military. During the game Kyle would fight Zentraedi and a new enemy called the Ebolian crystals.

For more on the story including a fanfic by programmer/story designer Doug Lanford visit his website at

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Robotech: Crystal Dreams was meant to be an open-ended game like many space sims for the PC allowing players to follow the story or play in randomly generated missions. Everything in the game was to be rendered to scale in 3D and you could travel anywhere in the solar system. As you played random events would occur that the player could either help with or ignore. Actions during missions would effect your relationship with other characters.

In combat the player could switch between three Veritech forms: Fighter, Guardian and Battloid. Even though all three modes used similar controls each form had different strengths and weaknesses. The fighter was the fastest, the battliod was the most combat ready, and the guardian a balance of the other two.

The game was advertised as having a four player mode.

Screenshots[edit | edit source]

Robotech: Crystal Dreams Screenshots
Reflection in cockpit
Firing missiles
Battle over Saturn
The Zentraedi fleet

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The last version of Robotech: Crystal Dreams shown was an Alpha version at E3 1998.
  • Gametek went out of business in July 1998, ending development on the game.

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