Rockman Strategy

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Rockman Strategy
Basic Information
Video Game
Mega Man
Microsoft Windows
China Chinese Release Date(s)
Microsoft Windows
October 292001
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Rockman Strategy (Chinese: 洛克人大戰; Chinese: Lùokèrén Dàzhàn; literally "Rockman War") is a Rockman (Mega Man) game that was only released in Taiwan. The game was released on October 29, 2001 for personal computers. For a time, it was the latest game in the original Mega Man series, until the announcement of Mega Man 9. Playable characters include Rockman, Blues, Roll and the original six Robot Masters. The enemies are the Constellation Droids, named after the Zodiac symbols.

Plot[edit | edit source]

It is the year 2016 (shortly after the events of Rockman and Forte: Challenger From the Future). Just when everyone thought peace had finally settled on the world, a strange series of biological events started to occur. The world was shocked by a series of earthquakes and, concurrently, plants throughout the world began to die. As news reports began to flood televisions across the globe about these catastrophes, the infamous Dr. Wily made an appearance on TV, shocking the world. He announced that he was somehow behind these events and that unless the populace cooperate and give in to his demands the world would soon be doomed!

The evil Dr. Wily comes to investigate the comet. However, little did everyone know that Dr. Wily was being forced to cooperate with a group of invaders from outer-space who called themselves the Constellation Droids. These powerful Robot Masters, all named after the twelve signs of the Zodiac, except for their leaders, Luna and Apollo, had taken over Wily's lab and forced the evil scientist to cooperate with them under threat of death.

Apollo and Luna introduce the Droids while making a pact with Wily. Dr. Light, renowned robotics engineer and pacifist, once again called on Mega Man to go after the powerful Constellation Droids and the evil Dr. Wily. However, Duo, a member of the Intergalactic Police Force who had helped Mega Man during the "evil energy crisis," returned to Earth to assist with the take-down of the Constellation Droids...

Wily announces to the world that he is working with the Constellation Droids. Mega Man, Auto, Eddie, the newly-rescued Proto Man, Fan, and several others are forced to bring the Constellation Droids off of their high-horses. Once Luna and Apollo are defeated, however, they discover that the Droids came to Earth because they thought that mankind was destroying the planet through its pollution and destructive ways. However, after their defeat, they come with Rock and friends to Light Labs, where they talk with one another and discover that the virus that was destroying plant life was created by none other than Dr. Wily! In fact, Wily had known of the existence of the Droids and had engineered the virus because he knew the Droids would come to Earth in order to "solve" mankind's problem. Thus, the Droids decide to help Mega Man in the fight against Dr. Wily in an attempt to bring the evil scientist to justice before returning to whence they came.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

  • Aries - A ram-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters at the Iron Works in Mongolia. His weapon is Heat Wave. Aries is accompanied by Bomb Man and Flame Man.
  • Aquarius - A water-bearer Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on the African Coast. His Weapon is Storm Surge. Aquarius is accompanied by Astro Man and Stone Man.
  • Cancer - A crab-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on the floating islands in the Indian Ocean. His weapon is Bubble Beam. Cancer is accompanied by Elec Man and Spark Man.
  • Capricorn - A goat-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters in Africa. His Weapon is Flaming Sword. Capricorn is accompanied by Aqua Man and Dive Man.
  • Gemini - A Constellation Droid that's one half female, one half male. His Twin Laser is inspired by Gemini Man's attack. Mega Man encounters him in a mine in India. Gemini is accompanied by Guts Man and Metal Man.
  • Leo - A lion-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters in an erupting volcano in Borneo. His weapon is Whirlwind. Leo is accompanied by Heat Man and Napalm Man.
  • Libra - A scales-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters in the Great Indian Desert. His weapon is U.V. Ray. Libra is accompanied by Cut Man and Hard Man.
  • Pisces - A Constellation Droid with a dolphin for a bottom. Mega Man encounters Pisces on the coasts of the Caspian Sea. His Weapon is Hydro Cannon. Pisces is accompanied by Elec Man and Tomahawk Man.
  • Sagittarius - A winged centaur-like Constellation Droid. His design is based on Centaur Man. Mega Man encounters Sagittarius in northern Africa. His weapon is Blazing Arrow. Sagittarius is accompanied by Burst Man and Fire Man.
  • Scorpio - A scorpion-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on a Flying Fortress over the Pacific Ocean. His weapon is Hail Storm. Scorpio is accompanied by Cloud Man and Yamato Man.
  • Taurus - A bull-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on the Chinese Coast. His weapon is Sandstorm. Taurus is accompanied by Frost Man and Ice Man.
  • Virgo - A virgin-like Constellation Droid who Mega Man encounters on a sunken highway in the Pacific Ocean. Her weapon is Maelstrom. Virgo is accompanied by Bubble Man and Freeze Man.
  • Apollo - The sun-themed leader of the Constellation Droids. Apollo is accompanied by Heat Man and Knight Man.
  • Luna - The moon-shaped second-in-command of the Constellation Droids. He is accompanied by Skull Man and Sword Man.
  • Wily Machine - Wily's usual vehicle. In this form, Wily is accompanied by Flame Man, Frost Man, Metal Man, and Spark Man.
  • Wily Capsule - Wily's usual teleporting escape pod. In this form, Wily is accompanied by Aqua Man, Bomb Man, Skull Man, and Sword Man.

Also, there are additional stages that are not listed as Constellation Droid or Robot Master stages, where the player can go to earn bolts or complete side-missions such as:

  • Rescuing Duo from Cloud Man, Guts Man, and Ice Man in Thailand.
  • Answering Proto Man's distress signal from Indonesia when he is attacked by Freeze Man and Hard Man.
  • Fighting Bass and Treble who are accompanied by Knight Man and Pharaoh Man.

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