Rocky and Bullwinkle

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Rocky and Bullwinkle
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Zen Studios]][[Category:Zen Studios]]
[[Microsoft Game Studios]][[Category:Microsoft Game Studios]]
Digital Download
Xbox 360 (XBLA)
ESRB: Everyone
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Rocky and Bullwinkle is a downloadable video game created by Zen Studios for the Xbox Live Arcade.[1] The title was released on April 16, 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points.

File:RaBW GP.jpg
Rocky and Bullwinkle gameplay screenshot

Reception[edit | edit source]

Rocky and Bullwinkle received mostly negative reviews from critics. In IGN's 3/10 review they stated "Zen Studios didn't spend much time or money on Rocky & Bullwinkle, so why should you?"[2] scored the game a D- saying the micro-games are "either way too short or way too frustrating".[3]

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