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Roger Wilco is the hero of the Space Quest series. He has starred in six games in the series, though he did not officially get his name until the third episode, Space Quest III : The Pirates Of Pestulon. Previous to this game, the player was asked to enter their own name, but the name defaulted to Roger Wilco if they chose not to.

Roger is a bumbling janitor, ever on the brink of failure and death, but somehow manages to come through every time and save the day. He receives absolutely no recognition or reward for his acts, but accepts this with grace and holds no bitterness towards his position in life.

He has only one serious relationship in his life with the beautiful Admiral Beatrice Wankmeister; when she goes missing, however, he is tempted by the stunning Stellar Santiago whilst stationed on the starship Deepship 86.

As technology improved over the 9 years of the Space Quest series, so did Roger's appearance: