Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI
Developer(s) Koei
Publisher(s) Koei

THQ Asia Pacific (AUS)

Designer Koei
status Status Missing
Release date 17 March 2006(PC) (JP)
8 September 2006(PC power up kit) (JP)

28 September 2006(PS2) (JP)
21 March 2007(PS2 with PUK, Wii with PUK) (JP)

21 March 2007(PS2 with PUK) (JP)

6 February 2007(PS2) (NA)
9 September 2008(PC) (NA)
5 September 2008(PC) (EU)

Genre Turn-based strategy
Mode(s) Single player,
Age rating(s) CERO: A

ESRB: E10+
PEGI: 12+

Platform(s) Windows 2000, PlayStation 2, Wii
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media 2 CD (PC)

3 CD (PC Premium BOX)
1 CD (PC power up kit)
1 DVD (PS2, Wii, PC)

Input Keyboard (PC), Mouse (PC)
Requirements Windows version: Pentium III 1GHz CPU, 256MiB system memory, 1GB hard drive space, CD-ROM drive, high colour display supporting 1024x768 resolution, DirectX 9.0c-comatible 3D accelerator with 32MiB memory, sound card supporting 44Khz 16-bit stereo WAVE playback

English version: 2GB hard drive space
PC power up kit: Original RTK11 game, 3GB hard drive space
PC demo: 800MB hard drive space

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Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI, also known as Sangokushi 11 (三國志11), is the 11th installment in Koei's famous Romance of the Three Kingdoms series. The game was released for PC on March 17, 2006 in Japan, and later Traditional Chinese version on July 27 in Taiwan. A Japanese PlayStation 2 version was released on September 28, 2006.

A North American PlayStation 2 version was released on February 6, 2007.[1] A Wii version was released on March 21, 2007 for Japan market at a premium price of ¥9,800 Yen.[2]

Premium version includes walkthrough, tactical map, 4 cards illustrated by Tsuyoshi Nagano, orchestra soundtrack CD. Chinese version of the Premium version includes a walkthrough and map.

An official English version for PC was announced on April 23, 2008, to be released in North America on July 29.[3] However, the release date was delayed until September 9, 2008.[4] There is an expansion pack for the PC version but it was not included in the English versions, being only available to the eastern ones. This marked the Koei reintroduction of a PC version of Romance of the Three Kingdoms for the English market which hasn't happened since November 30, 1995, with the U.S. release of "Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire."

Some of the 3D Models in this game were borrowed from Dynasty Warriors 4.

32 historical characters not from the Three Kingdoms era can be unlocked after the player completes all the game tutorials.

Power-up kit[edit | edit source]

The power-up kit adds the following features:

  • Similar neighbouring facilities can be combined.
  • 10 new city facilities.
  • Generals can research new abilities. Over 50 abilities are available based on attack, defense, administration, and strategy.
  • A new battle game mode, which allows playing preset battle scenarios.
  • 6 new campaign scenarios, and 30 new events.
  • Editor can alter generals, cities, kingdoms, equipment.
  • New voices for the Japanese game. Player can choose between Chinese or Japanese voices.
  • A new 'Super' (超級) game difficulty setting.
  • Duel success rate.
  • A friendlier command dialogue during research and waging wars. For example, when assigning generals to perform a task, a dialogue box will show items and time needed to perform the task.
  • A new national research subject named 'Internal administration' (内政).
  • New military features including:
  • Can assign troops to transport supplies to specific camps.
  • Improved AI.
  • Seize items.
  • Enhanced facilities and strategy including:
  • Increased effects for fortresses, and heightened status recovery rate.
  • Increased range for drum tower, increasing the chance for successfully entering a duel.
  • When using spearman strategies to destroy troops, the trap effect increases.
  • When using cavalry strategies to trap troops, the chances for capturing enemy generals increase.

Power-up kit was sold separately for Windows version, and standard for Wii version.

PS2 and Wii with power-up kit version[edit | edit source]

It adds following:

  • 2 scenario for total 16 scenario, 8 stage scenario, and 20 duels. The Chibi scenario from the PC power-up kit is unlocked.
  • Special events for when completing certain events.
  • Adds 50 characters from Bandit Kings of Ancient China.
  • (Wii only) New Action mode.

Reception[edit | edit source]

IGN praised the length and depth of the game, saying it "packs literally hundreds of hours of play time on its single disc", but criticised the pace of the game, saying players will "have to endure an almost relentless level of tedium." and "It will bore to tears most of the jump cut-addled, MTV-watching, Ritalin-popping masses due to a sometimes excruciatingly slow pace."[5] Gamespot had a similar view, "The strategy is complex and rewarding, but the menu shuffling and extremely slow pace won't earn the series any new fans."[6] Games Radar emphasised that Kingdoms XI would mainly appeal to fans of the series, "...addicts that have kept up with the series and crave more of its rare gameplay will eat it up. Gamers that have never cared about or have never heard of the series don't have any reasons to give it a whirl."[7] called the game's learning curve "intimidating" even for veteran strategy gamers, but praised "the top-notch writing, nifty historical setting, and unique aesthetic", claiming "the game gives you everything you could want from a turn-based tactics extravaganza."[8]

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