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Runabout (series)

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Runabout (series)
Basic Information
Climax Entertainment
Yanoman, ASCII Entertainment, Hot-B USA, Midas Interactive Entertainment, Climax Entertainment
PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast

Runabout is a series of destruction-themed driving games developed by Climax Entertainment. The games in the series were released on PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and Dreamcast.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Runabout's main mission has always been that you, the player, drive from A to B and pickup this or deliver that. The earlier games had more than one map to choose from, the later ones had just one real life themed huge city. Those city's are: San Francisco in Super Runabout (Dreamcast) and New York in Runabout 3 Neo Age (PlayStation 2). You start off with just a few vehicles, later when you complete a mission, destroy as many as you can or drive without damaging anything you are rewarded with a new vehicle. In the newer games you were also rewared with paintjobs and special abilities for each individual vehicle. Although, made in Japan, all games in the series featured predominantly English text and dialogue regardless of regional version. Within which, there are some examples of Engrish such as the message: "Can Not Run" in Runabout 3 Neo Age, when the player's vehicle is wrecked or driven into water. Common vehicles to all games are a Pickup truck, NSR (Honda NSX), F1 car, Tank and various novelty vehicles.

Music in Runabout[edit | edit source]

Felony 11-79 (or Runabout in Japan), Super Runabout and Runabout 3 Neo Age all feature soundtracks performed by Japanese surf band The Surf Coasters, who are known for their Dick Dale-esque sound.