Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate

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Runaway 3: A Twist of Fate
Runaway 3 Cover Art.jpg
Developer(s) Péndulo Studios, S.L.
Publisher(s) Publisher Missing
Engine Engine Missing
status Status Missing
Release date Windows

November 26, 2009 (FR/GER)
March 25, 2010[1][2] (SP)
November 26, 2009 (UK)
May 18, 2010[3] (NA)
Nintendo DS
June 29, 2010[4] (NA)

Genre Graphic adventure
Mode(s) Single player
Age rating(s) PEGI: 12+
Platform(s) Platform(s) Missing
Arcade system Arcade System Missing
Media DVD
Input Mouse and keyboard
Requirements Requirements Missing
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Runaway: A Twist of Fate is a point-and-click graphical adventure. It is a game developed by Péndulo Studios, S.L. and the sequel of Runaway 2: The Dream of The Turtle, as well as the third and final chapter in the Runaway series.

The game has a 2D appearance, however only the backgrounds are in true 2D because the characters are rendered in 3D using cel-shaded animation.

Just like its prequel, the English, the French and German versions of the game were the first available for purchase, all three of them published in November 26, 2009. The original Spanish version will be subsequently published in its homeland, Spain, in March 25, 2010, featuring an exclusive special collector's edition to please the fans once again for the delay and as it was with Runaway 2.

Characters[edit | edit source]

Brian Basco (playable)[edit | edit source]

Brian is the protagonist of the entire saga. His role in this game is not as major as in the previous games because of the inclusion of Gina as a playable character.

Gina Timmins (playable)[edit | edit source]

Gina is the co-protagonist of the entire saga. Her role in this game is greater than in others, because she is now a playable character. She's the first playable character in this game.

Ian C. Bennett[edit | edit source]

Dr Bennett is Brian's psychologist at the Happy Dale Mental Hospital. During parts of the game, the player can select his dialog.

Tarantula[edit | edit source]

A dangerous assassin with an obsession with spiders, first met in Runaway 2. She is the main antagonist in this chapter.

Kordsmeier[edit | edit source]

The general from Mala Island. Brian stands accused of his murder. He is playable for a brief part of one chapter.

Other Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Loretta Palmer
  • Chapman
  • Zacariah O'Connor
  • Fatzilla
  • Tom Finnegan
  • Agatha
  • Luanne
  • Ernie A. Parsley
  • Gabriel "Gabbo" Spiegelman
  • Marcelo Montez
  • Jacob Z.Kurgan
  • Mr. Nice
  • Sr. Hollister
  • Quickle

Miss Palmer[edit | edit source]

Miss Palmer is the nurse of the Happy Dale Mental Hospital. She's a very mean person, and she hates Brian. Later on in the story it's discovered that she's Tarantula in disguise. She tries to make Brian crazy, and gives him an hallucinogen, and a knife, to force him to kill someone.

Note that characters marked as playable are not by player selection. The active character is determined by where you have progressed to in the storyline.

Story[edit | edit source]

The story begins as an incomplete continuation of the previous chapter. It starts out with Gina attending Brian's funeral, and it is noted that she is the only mourner in sight.[5]

Chapters[edit | edit source]

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The introduction shows the eye of a crow, fading out to show Brian's funeral, where there are only four people: a priest, who is speaking in Latin; Luane, who is the cemetery's manager; Ernie, who is the Happy Dale Mental Hospital security guard; and Gina, Brian's girlfriend. This scene is spliced with flashbacks to a trial, where Brian is accused of apparently killing General Kordsmier, but due to a case of amnesia, he is deemed insane and locked away in a mental institution.

Chapter 1: Brian Basco is Dead[edit | edit source]

After the funeral has ended, Gina receives a call from Brian, who tells her to save him, because he's trapped in his own grave. He ends the call because his battery is very low. Just before the battery dies, he sends a message to Gina.

Chapter 2: The Art of Running Away[edit | edit source]

Gabbo, a friend of Brian's from the asylum, tells Gina the story about how Brian escapes. Gabbo tells Brian a plan, but Kurgan steals the plan and runs off to use it himself. With a bit of improvisation, Brian overcomes these obstacles but stops part-way through the escape as he finds Kurgan decapitated.

Chapter 3: A Timely Suicide[edit | edit source]

In a cabin out in the woods, Gina helps a psychologist investigate the death of a witness that would have exonerated Brian. His death had been ruled a suicide.

Chapter 4: An Unexpected Ally[edit | edit source]

The story of Brian's escape resumes, as we learn how he plans on using Kurgan's body to look like his own.

Chapter 5: Deconstructing Brian[edit | edit source]

We finally learn some of what happened between the ending of Runaway 2 and the opening of this game. Also, Gina gets tied up as Tarantula catches up with her.

Chapter 6: The End is Here[edit | edit source]

Brian comes up with a plan to defeat Tarantula and her goons, exonerate himself and rescue Gina. The series is brought to a fitting ending.

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