SD F-1 Grand Prix

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SD F-1 Grand Prix
Title screen
Basic Information
Video Game
[[Video System[1]]][[Category:Video System[1]]]
[[Video System[2]]][[Category:Video System[2]]]
[[F1 Grand Prix (series)|F1 Grand Prix]][[Category:F1 Grand Prix (series)]]
Arcade racing game[2]
16-megabit cartridge[3]
Super Famicom[2]
Main Credits
[[Naoki Itamura[4]
P.H. Soyama[4]]]
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SD F-1 Grand Prix (SD F-1グランプリ?, "Super Deformed F-1 Grand Prix")[5] is a Japan-only spin-off of the F1 Grand Prix series developed for the Super Famicom by Video System.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The player gets to control cute and cuddly cartoon animals (bear, rabbit, tortoise, etc.) in cutesy race tracks inspired by real life Formula One race tracks in a cutesy alternate universe. An exception to this rule would be the U.S. oval track (that looks like Daytona International Speedway sans the spectator booths and a lane for pit stops). There is a Crash Race mode which is similar to the race tracks on Super Mario Kart, a GP Racing mode where you get to race all the tracks one-at-a-time for points in order to get a gold, silver, or bronze trophy, and a Time Trial mode where the player gets to race against the clock. A duo of Japanese race reporters (assuming them to be the caricatures of the then-current Fuji Television announcers) perform the play-by-play of the race in both written and spoken Japanese to the tune of dreamy J-pop instrumental music.

The manufacturer's suggested retail price for this game was 10,900 yen on its original release ($117.86 in American dollars).[6]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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