SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2/Codes

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SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2

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Below is a list of SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Fireteam Bravo 2 hack codes. Some slight alterations may have to be made to the code depending on the Playstation Portable homebrew application you are using. Post any questions as to what individual codes do in the discussion. I personally enjoy Cwcheat, I feel it is incredibly easy to use. I also use Time Machine, created by Dark Alex, to run 1.50 Firmware on my PlayStation Portable. I highly recommend that Time Machine be used. But first you need a Pandora's Battery. Hacking a PSP is rather difficult if it is your first time. It is often harder to find hack software for higher firmware versions, so that means DON'T update if you plan to hack. Also, it is good to be aware that certain firmware versions are harder to hack or have limited capabilities. For More information on hacking please check out the links in the Reference sections. Those articles/web pages will help you better understand what you're doing.

_C super sniper

_L 0x20600694 0x05580558

_L 0x20600698 0x001409c8

_L 0x2060069c 0x0000001e

_L 0x20600608 0x00000003

_L 0x2063AF14 0x05580558

_L 0x2063AF18 0x001409c8

_L 0x2063AF1c 0x00000001

_C See through walls

_L 0x205202D0 0x3F7E0000

_C Inf. Medkit

_L 0x20607194 0x05580558

_C1 Burst On SR-25

_L 0x20600608 0x00000003

_C pimped SAS-R

_L 0x205fee90 0x05580558

_L 0x205fee94 0x001409c9

_L 0x205fee98 0x0000001e

_L 0x205fee04 0x00000003

_C pimped L96AW _L 0x205ff350 0x05580558

_L 0x205ff354 0x00000008

_L 0x205ff358 0x0000001e

_L 0x205ff304 0x00000003

_C Inf. Burst [L96AW]

_L 0x2063af14 0x05580558

_L 0x2063af10 0x001409c8

_C1 INF AMMO _L 0x205FEE90 0x05390539

_L 0x205FF810 0x05390539

_L 0x205FF350 0x05390539

_L 0x205FFCCC 0x05390539

_L 0x2060018C 0x05390539

_L 0x20600694 0x05390539

_L 0x20603EB8 0x05390539

_L 0x20604298 0x05390539

_L 0x20604674 0x05390539

_L 0x20604A2C 0x05390539

_L 0x20605130 0x05390539

_L 0x206054A8 0x05390539

_L 0x20605820 0x05390539

_L 0x20605F10 0x05390539

_L 0x20606224 0x05390539

_L 0x20606538 0x05390539

_L 0x20606848 0x05390539

_L 0x20606B4C 0x05390539

_L 0x20606E70 0x05390539

_L 0x20607194 0x05390539

_L 0x20603318 0x05390539

_L 0x205FD2A8 0x05390539

_L 0x205FD8F4 0x05390539

_L 0x205FD8F8 0x05390539

_C pimped SR-25 [Inf Ammo Only]

_L 0x2058e2e0 0x65726946

_C Superb LI

_L 0x2051f278 0x000F423F

_C Low Gravity

_L 0x20566e60 0x423C0000

_C Spiderman

_L 0x20566e78 0xFFFFFFFF

_C No Fall Damage

_L 0x20566e90 0x447a0000

_C Bouncing Rockets [Bounces RPG/AT4 Bullets Off Walls]

_L 0x205f93a4 0x00001b58

_L 0x205f957c 0x00001b58

_C Inf Grenades

_L 0x20605820 0x3B9AC9FF

_C Inf Grenades 2

_L 0x20605820 0x05580558

_L 0x20605824 0x001409c8

_L 0x20605828 0x0000001e

_C Unlimited Ammo

_L 0x20605820 0x05580558

_L 0x206054a8 0x05580558

_L 0x20605130 0x05580558

_L 0x20604a2c 0x05580558

_L 0x20606538 0x05580558

_L 0x20606224 0x05580558


_L 0x206061d4 0x00000001

_L 0x206064e8 0x00000001

_L 0x206067f4 0x00000001

_C0 Rapid Claymores

_L 0x20606228 0x0000000F

_L 0x2060622C 0x0000001E

_L 0x20606224 0x05390531

_C0 Rapid PMNs

_L 0x2060653C 0x0000000F

_L 0x20606540 0x0000001E

_L 0x20606538 0x05390531

_C Pimped AT4 [Lock On, Inf Ammo, Rapid Fire]

_L 0x20606B4C 0x05580558

_L 0x20606B50 0x001409c8

_L 0x20606B54 0x0000001e

_L 0x20606ad4 0x00000001

_C Pimped AT4/RPG7

_L 0x20606b50 0x05580558

_L 0x20606b4c 0x001409c8

_L 0x20606b54 0x0000001e

_L 0x20606ad4 0x00000001

_L 0x20606e74 0x05580558

_L 0x20606e70 0x001409c8

_L 0x20606e78 0x0000001e

_L 0x20606df8 0x00000001

_C Pimped M1

_L 0x205ff810 0x05580558

_L 0x205ff814 0x001409c8

_L 0x205ff818 0x0000001e

_L 0x205ff7c4 0x00000003

_C No Shock Offline Only

_L 0x205F9390 0x00001388

_L 0x205F9568 0x00001388

_L 0x205F86A8 0x000002BC

_L 0x205F8A58 0x00000384

_L 0x205F8C30 0x000002BC

_L 0x205F8E08 0x00000258

_L 0x205F8FE0 0x000002BC

_L 0x205F91B8 0x00000001

_L 0x205F9740 0x000002BC

_L 0x205F9918 0x00000384

_L 0x205F9AFC 0x00000000

_L 0x205F9CC8 0x00000000 <---- No Flash Blindness

_L 0x205F9EA0 0x00000000

_L 0x205FA078 0x00000001

_L 0x205FA250 0x000001F4

_L 0x205FA428 0x000002BC

_C One Shot Kill Offline Only

_L 0x405F6934 0x00100076

_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000

_C One Shot Kill Online Only

_L 0x405f6938 0x00100076

_L 0xFFFFFFFF 0x00000000

_C No Shock Online Only

_L 0x205F9394 0x00001387

_L 0x205F956c 0x00001387

_L 0x205F86Ac 0x000002Bb

_L 0x205F8A5c 0x00000383

_L 0x205F8C34 0x000002Bb

_L 0x205F8E0c 0x00000257

_L 0x205F8FE4 0x000002Bb

_L 0x205F91c4 0x00000000

_L 0x205F9744 0x000002Bb

_L 0x205F991c 0x00000383

_L 0x205F9B04 0x00001388

_L 0x205F9CCC 0x00000000 <----- No Flash Blindness

_L 0x205F9EA4 0x00000000

_L 0x205FA07c 0x00000000

_L 0x205FA254 0x000001F3

_L 0x205FA42c 0x000002Bb

True No Recoil:

_C1 no recoil

_L 0x20284b6c 0x03e00008

_C0 play dead

_L 0x20274538 0x03E00008

_C lock on AT4

_L 0x20606ad4 0x00000001

_C lock on RPG's

_L 0x20606df8 0x00000001

_C Rapid fire

_L 0x205ffccc 0x05580558

_L 0x205ffcd0 0x001409c8

_L 0x205ffcd4 0x0000001e

_L 0x2060018c 0x05580558

_L 0x20600190 0x001409c8

_L 0x20600194 0x0000001e

_L 0x20600694 0x05580558

_L 0x20600698 0x001409c8

_L 0x2060069c 0x0000001e

_L 0x20600ff0 0x05580558

_L 0x20600ff4 0x001409c8

_L 0x20600ff8 0x0000001e

_L 0x20604298 0x05580558

_L 0x2060429c 0x001409c8

_L 0x206042a0 0x0000001e

_L 0x20603318 0x05580558

_L 0x2060331c 0x001409c8

_L 0x20603320 0x0000001e

_L 0x206036f8 0x05580558

_L 0x206036fc 0x001409c8

_L 0x20603700 0x0000001e

_L 0x20603eb8 0x05580558

_L 0x20603ebc 0x001409c8

_L 0x20603ec0 0x0000001e

_L 0x20604674 0x05580558

_L 0x20604678 0x001409c8

_L 0x2060467c 0x0000001e

_C No Flash Blindness FTB2

_L 205f9ccc 00000000

_C No Fall Damage

_L 0x20566e90 0x447a0000

_C Third Party

_L 0x2030b228 0x03e00008

_C Bullet Clipping [Immune To Bullets]

_L 0x20278ad0 0x03e00008

_L 0x20278ad4 0x00000000

_L 0x20278a4c 0x03e00008

_L 0x20278a50 0x00000000

_C Inf CE

_L 0x2051f274 0x000F423F

_C 4x Throw Distance

_L 0x2056710C 0x451C0000

_L 0x20567110 0x451C0000

_C See Yourself While Sniping

_L 0x204BB180 0x00000001

_C All Fags Get Eliminated

_L 0x20595d44 0x47414620

_L 0x20595d48 0x53544547

_L 0x20595d4c 0x494c4520

_L 0x20595d50 0x414e494d

_L 0x20595d54 0x00444554

_L 0x20595d58 0x00000000

_C0 Custom Taunt [Graffiti]

_L 0x205A1C0C 0x66617247

_L 0x205A1C10 0x69746966

_L 0x205A1C14 0x20202020

_L 0x205A1C18 0x20202020

_L 0x205A1C1C 0x20202020

_L 0x205A1C20 0x20202020

_L 0x205A1C24 0x20202020

_L 0x205A1C28 0x20202020

_L 0x205A1C2C 0x00202020

_C Grenade Hack [Disables Throw]

_L 0x206057D0 0x001409C8

_C Unresponsive villagers/mercenaries [Offline]

_L 0x2020141c 0x03e00008


_L 0x206057d0 0x00000003

_L 0x20605458 0x00000003

_L 0x206050e0 0x00000003

_L 0x206049dc 0x00000003

_C Surprise

_L 0x2049e984 0x7d71537b

_L 0x2049e988 0x74747542

_L 0x2049e98c 0x6b637566

_L 0x2049e974 0x74747542

_L 0x2049e978 0x6b637566

_L 0x2049e97c 0x206e4920

_L 0x2049e980 0x00006425

_L 0x2049e774 0x54494853

_L 0x2049e778 0x00000000

_L 0x204b6b78 0x696e6550

_L 0x204b6b7c 0x00000073

_C0 Funny Vote Out Message...

_L 0x204989BC 0x6b636944

_L 0x204989C0 0x5c736148

_L 0x204989C4 0x6b637546

_L 0x204989C8 0x74206465

_C Weird room amounts [change room capacity - odd #s only]

_L 0x205EA3F4 0x00000015

_C No Cross Hairs

_L 0x2033e9f4 0x03e00008

_L 0x2033ea04 0x00000000

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