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Saber Interactive is a video game developer headquartered in the United States, in Millburn, New Jersey, with corporate development offices in Saint Petersburg, RU. They primarily develop Action games. The studio released the game Will Rock in 2003, and released another game called TimeShift for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 world-wide in 2007. Their trademark is fast and furious gameplay. Saber's multiple format game engine is currently in its fourth iteration: Saber 3D, v.S4. Game design, core technology, cross-platform Game engine development, and production management are done in Saber's U.S. HQ, while the bulk of actual production is done at Saber's offices, by full-time employees in Russia. Saber has noted,[1] that they are able to maintain high production and design values while taking advantage of Russia's vast Computer Science, Artistic rendering, and Fine art talent pool while reducing costs of Game development.

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