Salt Lake 2002

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Salt Lake 2002
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Basic Information
Video Game
[[Attention To Detail
DC Studios (GBA)]][[Category:Attention To Detail
DC Studios (GBA)]]
[[Eidos Interactive
Ubisoft (GBA)]][[Category:Eidos Interactive
Ubisoft (GBA)]]
Sports (Olympic)
1 CD; 1 Cartridge
PC, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance
ESRB: E (Everyone)
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Salt Lake 2002 is the official video game of the XIX Olympic Winter Games, hosted by Salt Lake City, United States in 2002. Developed by ATD and published by Eidos (DC Studios Inc./UbiSoft for the Game Boy Advance version), it was released for the PC, PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance.

Following the success of Sydney 2000, Eidos trusted the Olympic license once again to ATD. The game uses the same graphic style and presentation of the previous game, only with more details. However, while Sydney 2000 managed good sales and positive reviews, Salt Lake 2002 failed to achieve either. The lack of crucial and popular events such as cross-country, biathlon, speed skating or figure skating, combined with only six events (of which 3 involve gates) turned the game into another flop based on the Winter Olympics.

Competition[edit | edit source]

There are four game modes: Olympic, Tournament, Classic and Time Trial. The Olympic Mode returns to the simplistic direct-to-competition mode, unlike Sydney 2000 that forced the player to qualify for the Olympics. Each players' victories are logged, and trophies/medals can be seen in a trophy room.
Gameplaywise, the events are unevenly done. While the downhill/slalom events are reasonably simulated and playable (one can play downhill in first person view, and at easier levels missing a gate in the slalom does not disqualify the player), in ski jump and bobsleigh results are generally hard to predict or control.

Events[edit | edit source]

Preceded by
Nagano Winter Olympics '98
Official video game of the Winter Olympics
Succeeded by
Torino 2006
Preceded by
Sydney 2000
Official video game of the Olympics
Succeeded by
Athens 2004

References[edit | edit source]

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